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This week is my last dedicated week for my writing project on Everyday Spirituality. I feel some sadness and some irritation (towards myself) that more of the last six weeks wasn’t devoted to delving more deeply into this intriguing topic. But, you know the story–work called, mothering called and there was laundry to be done […]

Everyday Spirituality

So, I have shared with many of you that I’m on a six-week writing sabbatical. (I’m a big believer in claiming “chunks” of time for creative endeavors–truly the only way you’re really able to play with an idea on a deeper level!).   After a lot of juggling and planning, I was successful in carving […]

Balancing Being and Doing

Image: Debbie Marie Gallery ( “Life is not a thing to be managed. It’s a mystery to be lived.” Anonymous I am in the process of birthing a new way of being. And, like most births, it’s messy and not easy.   Although many would look at my life and exclaim how lucky I am […]


I started a six-week writing sabbatical–basically dedicating 4 hours/day to writing about and exploring a theme that has been sitting with me for over a year–on Monday June 30th. I have been planning since January–moving client appointments around, tightening our company overhead this summer, arranging for neat summer camp experiences for my son, making sure […]


All last week I started my mornings walking around the Town Lake hike and bike trail in Austin, alone.   Being such an extrovert, I typically walk with a partner and use this early morning time for walk/talk meetings or rare windows to connect with friends I rarely get to see. After returning from my […]