This past week I attended an Ashtanga yoga class with a new teacher (yep, that’s the sweaty, rhythmic style of yoga).

I loved his approach. He was supportive and really encouraged students to ask questions and reach out for help. And, he gave you the sense that he believed in your ability.

He obviously inspired me as I moved gracefully—with his coaching– into a headstand, something I haven’t done easily in years for fear of falling and injuring my neck.

It got me thinking about how much my life changed almost ten years ago, when I finally began to reach out and allow others to help me. The shift was so powerful, it was almost like moving from one planet to another (the planet where interdependence is a natural part of life and you don’t have to have all the answers!).

Extensive research has been done which shares the amazing health/emotional/intellectual benefits that come from having a robust support network. (Read more from my newsletter on this.)

One of the primary motivations for putting so much time/energy/resources into our global Personal Renewal Group (PRG) program for women (hundreds of facilitators are leading groups around the world based on The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal), is because I believe so strongly in the power of groups. Hear comments from PRG members about why groups are such catalysts for change.

For more than five years I have had the privilege of creating opportunities for women to have huge personal and professional shifts as they come together and allow themselves to receive support, relax into a “soft place to fall,” enjoy the company of others who are at similar life stages and are surrounded by a supportive circle of women who hold the highest and best for them.

Is it easy for you to ask for and receive help? I’d love to hear your experience. And, let me know if I can recommend a women’s group or retreat to you. We have a few spots left in our Oct. 2-4 Self- Renewal Retreat at The Crossings. Maybe a headstand awaits you?

AN INVITATION: Interested in how you can learn to leverage the benefits of a support system and tap into the power of self-care? Consider starting/joining one of our women’s self-renewal circlesor attending our life-changing October 2-4 Fall Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat at The Crossings.

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Photo: Renee Peterson Trudeau. Sunflower field in western New Mexico.