As I’m juggling summer camp logistics for my son, final editing on my new book, retreat prep/facilitation, managing business details and interviewing/training staff I find myself spiking with envy when I see my friends summer vacation photos.

Last week I had some serious deadlines to nail, but Wednesday during my morning meditation I heard loud and clear that I needed to slow down …. and rest. Rest….are you kidding?! At one of my busiest times? “Yes,” a kind, still voice repeated, “Rest.”

Surrendering, I fixed myself a big steamy mug of chamomile citrus tea, picked up an old weathered copy of Return to Love and settled in on the couch with my favorite blanket. The highlight of the day? A two -hour nap!

When I woke up Thursday morning and returned to my book deadlines, the editing flowed. It was enjoyable. And I completed twice the amount of work I had expected to that day.

Claudia Welch, author of one of my new favorite books, “Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science,” says, “If we feel tired, we think something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. We are just tired. We need rest. Sometimes a lot of it, if we’ve gone for years vetoing our body’s signals.”

Ok body, I’m listening.

Angela, one of my wise yoga teachers, loves to remind her students that there are times we simply need to do nothing. And then rest. Sounds good to me.

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