Change your environment, change your perspective

This past weekend while I was leading a women’s self-care retreat at Esalen–a beautiful, legendary 40-year-old retreat center in stunning Big Sur, CA–I was reminded of the power of changing environments to shift perspective.

As I lay on my belly on the grass journaling and listening to the ocean waves crash against the rocks a hundred yards away, my attention was repeatedly drawn to a 200-year-old tree whose trunk was the diameter of a small yurt. It held court like a wise grandmother with outstretched arms, watching over me with wisdom and compassion. I could hear her quietly whispering a single word to me: perspective.


Lying there on the lawn—I saw my life from 30,000 feet up. All the tasks, deadlines, emails and calls I was up against two days ago were now distant memories. Even my biggest work projects—like overhauling our website—took on a different context and hue.

I felt a warmth spread across my chest and sitting with this, I recognized it as longing for a deeper connection with those I love the most. I realized what huge blessings my relationships are and how much they enrich my life. Gratitude flooded my body. I dropped my pen and journal, rolled onto my back and rested my head in my hands.

Often when we’re gifted with a mile-high view, we try to hold onto it for as long as possible. Grasping and wishing that this new, lighter, looser take on things could hang out with us for another night or two.

Two days later in Austin during my morning yoga class, I anchored back to this higher perspective. What came rushing back into my awareness was this way of seeing things—where “people first, deadlines second” and “choosing love over fear” rule the roost—was my true state of being. My innate nature. My birthright.

Perspective is not a remote island I get to visit on occasion, but rather large, vast, place within me that sees things as they really are.

I just have to let go and surrender long enough to let my boat dock, anchor and rest awhile.

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