4 questions I’m asking before I leap into 2018

The weeks before and after New Year’s Day were hard. Really hard. As a result, I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to envisioning and preparing for 2018. I feel I’m still releasing 2017, digesting all the challenging lessons and trying on new ways of being as I tiptoe into the next twelve months. That said, I do appreciate the opportunity January brings for belly-button gazing and contemplation.


Here are four questions I’m asking myself, my family and my clients as we move into this fresh, New Year:

1. What did I learn about myself in 2017? This could be a personal life lesson or one related to your career or professional path.
2. What do I need to acknowledge or celebrate from 2017 AND what do I need to release and let move on down the river?  In transition? Be gentle on yourself and read support tips here.
3. How do I want to BE in 2018 (read more)? As I get older, I’m much more interested in how I want to BE than what I want to DO.  This year, I’ve invited in my friend Kindness to accompany me on my journey.
4. What do I need to set myself up to be successful in 2018? Imagine it’s New Year’s eve 2018. What type of support did you call in to help you manifest your intentions over the last 12 months? What self-care practices did you adopt to help you function at your optimum?

Yesterday, with quite a bit of reluctance, I turned down a work-life effectiveness speaking opportunity for March. It looked exciting, challenging, juicy, fun and potentially very lucrative–right up my alley. But as I sat with this opportunity I kept hearing one of my key mantras, “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.” March is already very full for me and my intuition keeps whispering, “Don’t over-schedule–you need more space this year to be able to respond to the unplanned.”

If I took on this new client-on top of my current workload–it would consume a lot of my time and creative energy and leave very little space for me to gestate and sit with the question, “What is uniquely mine to do?”  And I would have cheated myself out of the opportunity to open up to–and be fully present for– what I know is coming, but I’m not yet able to see.

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