THE most important question to ask yourself (+ video)

Growing up as the oldest of seven children in a chaotic, creative, often-stressful environment (five boys, two girls), I don’t ever remember anyone asking me, “Renee, what do you need today?” My recollection is I floated through my days and allowed my well-being and mood to be determined by what was going on around me.

Today, moving into my day this way would feel insane; if you read my blog, you know how passionate I am about living from the inside out! I pause often to check-in and see what my internal state of being is and ask, “What do I need, right now?”

This past Thursday I took a coffee break to chat with my friend Noelle at 1440 Multiversity (a gorgeous new learning/retreat center in the CA Santa Cruz mountains; I’ll be there Oct. 26-28 for New Way of Being: Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat) to talk about what self-care is, what it isn’t and share some of my favorite self-care practices for your most stressful days. Grab your favorite beverage and take a 15 minute self-care break today to join us:

Join me at 1440 Multiversity in the ancient CA redwoods Oct. 26-28 for New Way of Being: Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat. Packages start at just $600 and the Multiversity is an easy shuttle ride from the San Jose International Airport.

This week I challenge you throughout your day to pause, check in and ask, “What do I need?” Please let me know how it goes and if this video was helpful to you, please share it with your co-workers and friends.



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