Are you having a growth spurt?

Recently I watched the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie with my husband and son (always a huge feat to find something the three of us will like!).

The primary antagonist, Ava Starr can phase through solid matter as a result of a childhood accident involving radiation from the “Quantum Realm” that caused her individual cells to constantly separate and reunite. She repeatedly phases in and out of reality, a condition that causes her constant, excruciating pain. Her greatest hope and dogged pursuit was to stop “phasing” between these states and statically reside in the material, human realm.  (You can watch the movie to find out what happens.)

Ava’s character has stayed with me as I have someone close to me who is in the same boat. He’s got one foot in a new way of being and another in old ways. He’s been phasing in and out of these worlds and it’s been painful for him (and painful to watch). You can see where he wants to be—and belongs—but he keeps getting pulled back and stuck.

living intentionally

Are you in between two different states? Can you envision and feel your next evolution—maybe you even live there part-time—but you’re still succumbing to old, unhealthy patterns or habits? Are you frustrated and ready to land firmly in your new way of being but you keep finding yourself lost in a labyrinth of old thought or behavior?  If you can relate –I sure can—here are some suggestions for navigating this journey:

Practice self-compassion. We’re all doing the best we can, I truly believe that. Shifts come about when we invite in curiosity, playfulness and kindness. No one ever changed for the better from getting the whip. Be gentle with yourself.

Make a list of what you’re doing right. It’s so easy to see our faults, but it’s so important to take time to acknowledge what’s working and where we’re making headway. What are two positive “new ways of being” you’re practicing right now?

Ask for help. People who are comfortable asking for and receiving help—whether it’s from a coach, therapist, mentor, professional organization, business partner, neighbor, friend or colleague—experience greater success and feel more connected and confident in all areas of their lives. Learning to ask for and receive help can be one of the most important skills you can cultivate AND it can open you up to all kinds of new perspectives. Having a support system can make all the difference in how you experience the journey.

Feel to heal. The more we’re able to just be with what we’re feeling, the more we’re able to release old wounds and move on. When we “feel our feelings,” we become more open and accessible to our loved ones, we’re more connected to our passions and desires, we become comfortable voicing our needs and drawing clear boundaries and we feel more alive and less fearful.

Give yourself kudos for living intentionally. Keep me posted on how your “phasing” is going and let me know what helps you when you’re evolving from one place to the next. I’d love to hear from you on Live Inside Out, where this blog will be posted.



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