5 Ways to Find Your Center this Month

Dear friend,

December can feel overwhelming for many of us (on the personal and professional front)! When things feel this busy, it’s always a reminder to me to make sure I’m cultivating inner stillness and being mindful about creating time and space for emotional and spiritual renewal.

Here are five ways you can experience support. Hopefully one of these ideas will speak to you and help you find your center.

Have a minute? Share some of your favorite ways to “find your center” in the everyday on our Live Inside Out Facebook Community. In the meantime:

  1. Grab a mug of hot apple cider and carve out 10 minutes to read: How Do You Want to Experience this Holiday Season? Share the message with your family; perhaps they may also yearn to experience a more intentional holiday?

  2. Give yourself the gift of emotional well-being, register for Renee's New Way of Being tele-course for men/women and experience more space, freedom and flow in your life in 2012. (Feedback from this course has been phenomenal!)

  3. Join others in choosing love over fear: learn how the I CHOOSE LOVE PSA can change how you approach your relationships and impact your sense of peace moment to moment. Order a t-shirt and share this powerful message with others.

  4. Invest in yourself: sign up now to attend Renee’s Dec.16 Empowered Entrepreneur Retreat (Texas), her April 27-29 Self-Renewal Retreat at Esalen (CA) or her June 22-24 New Way of Being Retreat at Kripalu (MA).

  5. Start a morning meditation or gratitude practice; beginning your day with stillness can have an enormous impact on how your day unfolds. Read: Can 5 Minutes a Day Change Your Life?

We look forward to hearing from you. Be kind to yourself.

Warmly, Renee and the RTA Team

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