Renee Trudeau & Associates: Policies

Refund Policy for RTA-Certified PRG Facilitator Membership

Due to the low-cost and the nature of the program, we do not offer refunds for annual membership fees associated with becoming an RTA-Certified PRG Facilitator. Based on feedback we have received from PRG Facilitators, we are confident that the content is value-rich and extremely helpful to anyone deciding to lead PRGs as part of a business or as a community service initiative.

Refunds are not available for books (this includes books purchased as part of the Facilitator Starter Package).

Our website lists PRG Facilitators in the Join a Group area as a convenience to the Facilitators and to the women who are seeking PRGs. RTA does not endorse any of the Facilitators who are listed on the site and/or who have signed up for memberships to the RTA-Certified PRG Facilitator program and makes no claim regarding their competence or effectiveness.


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