Shoma Hokanson

St. Paul, MN


Tell us about yourself:

I have had two passions through most of my adulthood: wellness and event planning. As a certified life coach, I recently merged the two together to create my entrepreneurial venture, Solera Self-Care. My mission with Solera is to create and provide experiences that bring people fulfillment and help them on their journey to experiencing a more balanced, peaceful and purposeful life.

Why did you become a RTA-Certified Facilitator?

I believe it is critical for everyone to take time for themselves and live less reactively. The idea of self-care is simple – to love and take care of oneself – but it is a practice. And like all practices and habits, it takes time and commitment to infuse into daily life. By being a facilitator, I’m able to provide others the guidance, motivation and tools to cultivate their own self-care practice.

How has this work/program affected you?

I was first introduced to the idea of self-care when my kids were 2 and 5. I was struggling as a working mom with one child in diapers and the other starting elementary school. Between work and parenting, I juggled the to-do’s of everyday life: groceries, dishes, laundry… I was in full reactive mode and knew I needed to make a change but barely had a moment to consider how. Then I stumbled upon Renee’s Facilitator Certification and Personal Renewal Group (PRG) Program for women. When I was in a PRG, I found a sense of relief from the support, ideas and guidance from my instructor and classmates. The break once a month to attend the PRG was revitalizing, and I discovered how to find time for myself to do things that lift my spirit.

What are your favorite self-care activities?

I gain the most energy by practicing yoga or taking my kayak on the lake. Both activities help me slow-down from my busy pace of life. If I’m in need of quieter, self-reflection time, I sit down with my journal and a large mug of hot chocolate in my sunroom or favorite coffee shop. I also love treating myself to a massage once in a while!

How can people contact you or learn about your groups/retreats?

Please visit my website at to learn more. I can be reached directly at and would love for you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @soleraselfcare.


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