Payment Plan Options

RTA-Certified Facilitator Training Membership

We are pleased to be able to offer a 3-monthly payment plan for those who are interested in becoming a RTA-Certified Facilitator.

It’s easy to enroll!

If you’re ready to become a RTA-Certified Facilitator and launch your groups/retreats, simply:

  1. Click on the training membership option below that best suits your needs.  Your 3 payments will automatically be processed each month on the day you initially register (i.e. if you register on the 5th day of this month, you will be billed on the 5th day of next month and the 5th day of third month). A small 4-5% credit card transaction fee which our merchant charges, is also included.
  2. Join the RTA-Certified Facilitators Online Community (you’ll receive an invitation and directions on how to join once you purchase your membership).
  3. Post your group location TODAY so women can begin contacting you about your upcoming group.

Questions? See our FAQs.

RTA-Certified Facilitator Training Membership:  3-monthly payments of $280



Please note that under United States and international copyright laws if you charge members to join a Personal Renewal Group, but are not officially trained through Renee Trudeau & Associates, this usage of the book constitutes infringement upon the intellectual property rights of the author.  To clarify, you are welcome to lead free/no charge groups around the book; however, if you desire to charge group members for their participation, you must be officially trained through Renee Trudeau & Associates.

There is an annual renewal of $109 that is due on your anniversary date each in year in order to keep your membership active. If your membership lapses and you have not renewed by your anniversary date, the reactivation fee is $199. Your membership must be active to lead and charge for groups/retreats/workshops using the Renee Trudeau/The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal materials.

REFUND POLICY for RTA-Trained PRG Facilitator Membership:
Due to the low-cost and the nature of the program, we do not offer refunds for annual membership fees associated with becoming an RTA-Certified PRG Facilitator. Based on feedback we have received from PRG Facilitators, we are confident that the content is value-rich and extremely helpful to anyone deciding to lead PRGs as part of a business or as a community service initiative. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email or call us at 512/459-6700.

Refunds are not available for books (this includes books purchased as part of the Facilitator Starter Package).