ENewsletter: July 2010

 Renee Trudeau & Associates

Dear Friend:

How do you react when you’re living in the unknown?

The majority of our clients, friends and colleagues—and my family--are all in some type of transition right now.

  • Erin, the executive director of the nonprofit board I just joined, is waiting to hear on a large grant that could change the course of the organization forever.
  • Ann and Jeff just received the shocking news that their unborn child has Down Syndrome and will need heart surgery within the first month after her birth.
  • Nicole is interviewing for her first job out of school, is scared, feeling insecure and is unsure about what the fall will look like for her.
  • Christopher is launching a business to support kids and is unsure what the model will need to look like to be profitable and support his young family.
  • Doug and his family are unsure if his last round of chemotherapy will wipe out the latest cancerous cells they found in his small intestine.
  • Mary and Greg are waiting to hear from a federal agency on whether they’ll receive the support they desperately need to assist their special needs child.
  • Consultants Sonya and Joe are wondering when they’ll receive payment from their clients and if it will arrive in time to cover their mortgage this month.
  • My husband John is in job search mode after being suddenly laid off a few weeks ago and is curious where he’ll land next.  (Note: Stories are true, names have been changed with the exception of my husband.)


Living in the unknown can often be more uncomfortable for many of us than receiving actual “bad news” (i.e. news that is contrary to what we want!). It can conjure up the old “waiting for the other shoe to fall” feeling.

My husband and I were talking last night after we put our son to bed. We agreed that yes, it can feel fear-inducing to not know what your life will look like a few months from now and if you have enough reserves to cover your bills.

But, if you stay with this feeling for a while and find it, there is also a place within “the unknown” that is exhilarating, fresh and filled with potential and re-birth.

If you can move out of “paralysis by analysis,” living in the unknown can be an incredible opportunity for spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Feeling inspired by this revelation, John and I created the following list to help us remember to seek out the gifts during this time of uncertainty.

Living in the unknown can provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Examine your values and explore life from the inside out
  • Practice gratitude—being grateful for what you do have
  • Define what happiness means to you (your answer may surprise you!)
  • Identify your anchors and what you need to rejuvenate and renew
  • Become more introspective; take time to look at your fears and barriers to success
  • Pause and examine how you see things (do you play the “what if” up game or the “what if” down game; are you an optimist or a pessimist?)
  • Build a support network and ask for and receive help
  • Let yourself expand into an even better life/job/relationship/home/business than you ever imagined (read The Big Leap if this one grabs you!)

I am currently working on my next book. The theme is everyday spirituality: how to experience sacredness and connection to the Divine without going to a zen sanctuary or faraway retreat!

I have no idea how my project will turn out, which publisher I’ll choose or ultimately what format the work will adopt, but I am clear it will be leading me into a whole new frontier of possibility. And I am relishing the deliciousness of this voyage into the unknown!

How about you? Are you willing to explore the gifts that come from being in a state of limbo? I’d love to hear your thoughts on our Live Inside Out community.


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