ENewsletter: April 2009

 Renee Trudeau & Associates

Dear Friend:

After my brother died at age 20 in 1992, I saw a therapist who told me point blank that my emotional health should be paramount in my life. And, she asked, “What choices or actions are you willing to implement to make this a priority?”

That phrase “my emotional health should be paramount” stuck with me and subsequently, I made some tough choices over the next few years to honor this.

Years later when I begin to teach and speak on the topic of self-renewal, I realized that for many of us, while physical self-care is huge (read more on self-care), our emotional self-care is equally as important.

What are you willing to do to make your emotional health number one?

Here are some suggestions to support you in moving your emotional well-being to the top of your to-do list:

  • Be choosy about who you spend your time around (this includes family!)
  • Be vigilant about what you say “yes” to and keep this handy Nine Ways to Say No list nearby at all times!
  • Make self-care a priority. Make self-care a priority. Make self-care a priority. Review the four areas of self-renewal and read my last blog post.
  • Begin to observe your thinking and the language you use on a daily basis. It is supportive or self-defeating? Check out:  It Is What It Is.
  • Build in time for rest and renewal. Our bodies need rest, but so do our spirits. Retreats are a great opportunity for this. Learn more about taking a retreat.  
  • Give yourself a break. When in doubt, be gentle with yourself. When you know better, you’ll do better. Kindness always.
  • Get support, “support” and when needed, another perspective. Author/teacher Wayne Dyer says, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  Reach out and ask a wise friend or mentor to challenge your reality. Maybe it’s time to move your “story” out of spin cycle.


Keep me posted on how it’s going and consider joining me for one of my upcoming events—all focused on enhancing your emotional well-being:  April 24-26 Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat,   May 8-10th Mother’s Day Weekend LIVE INSIDE OUT launch , May 11th An Evening of Self-Renewal event in Orlando, May 12th Florida Conference for Women, or June 11th FREE Personal Renewal Group International Telegathering.

Warmly, Renee

Upcoming Events and Training:

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