ENewsletter: July 2011

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"Disequilibrium is such a gift. It always reminds us how dynamic and fluid life is--the ebb and flow. Our external environment will always be in flux and our inner stillness and calm will be always there waiting for us--when we’re ready to return home."  Renee Trudeau

Dear Friend:

We’re at a unique and unprecedented time in history. And my observation is that it’s challenging all of us to slow down and hit the pause button as we re-examine our life and career direction.

One of the things that I most enjoy about my job is the opportunity to travel around the world and speak at conferences/workshops to men and women of all ages about the topic of life balance.

One of the questions I often get (after I answer “what is it?” and “how do I find it?”) is “why is the topic of balance still so prevalent?” Pick up any business or consumer publication—from Fast Company to Real Simpleand you’ll find frequent references to balance, work/life alignment, navigating disequilibrium and how professionals can adapt to the rapid and daily changes we’re all experiencing.

I believe the convergence of six factors are causing increased stress and have brought the issues of balance to the forefront, including:

  • 9/11 and other acts of terrorism—how people view life/work/family time changed forever after this tragedy

  • 72% of all families are now dual-income (and in many households, the primary breadwinner is now mom)
  • parenting our parents and the sandwich generation (caring for your parents and your kids)

  • a volatile and uncertain economic and employment climate  (an understatement!)

  • digital overload: we've become a 24/7 culture, we’re always on and finding it more difficult to “unplug”

  • globalization: working at “off hours” and living farther from family support

I share this perspective, not to overwhelm you (ok, take three deep breaths), but to encourage you to be easy on yourself and realize how much is going on right now for all of us--collectively and individually.

So, what can we do to enhance our sense of harmony and equilibrium during these chaotic times? Read more here about my strategies/insights for enhancing life balance from the inside-out. And consider the following homework for July.

Your July Self-Care Challenge:  One of the most powerful ways to nurture yourself and help you feel more grounded is to get clear on what your self-care “non-negotiables” are.  For some, it may be in the physical realm—8 hours of sleep a night, running three times a week, only eating out once a week—and for others it may be in the emotional or spiritual area— meditation/prayer every morning, a date with your partner every two weeks, scheduled time for play this summer, journaling before you go to bed at night or a weekly painting class.

This month I challenge you to pause. Notice what things consistently fuel and replenish you. And then carve out some time to share your top three self-care non-negotiables with someone close to you. Or, post these to our Live Inside Out community.

FREE LIFE BALANCE TELECLASSES, GROUPS & COACHING: Would you like some support in coming up with your top three self-care non-negotiables? Are you interested in being in a community with others who want to focus on reconnecting with who they are and how to make self-renewal a part of their everyday life? Download these great FREE Life Balance Teleclasses at your convenience, including our recent popular Cultivating Inner Peace in Everyday Life and learn more about joining or becoming trained to lead a Personal Renewal Group. Or, consider hiring one of our career/life coaches for one-on-one support.

Let us know how we can help you stress-less in your career and life.

Take good care--Renee and the RTA Team  info@reneetrudeau.com  512-459-6700

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