ENewsletter: July 2009

 Renee Trudeau & Associates

Dear Friend:

We’re at a unique and unprecedented time in history. And my observation is that it’s challenging all of us to slow down a bit and hit the pause button as we re-examine our life and career direction.

One of the things that I most enjoy about my job is the opportunity to travel around the world and speak at conferences/workshops to men and women of all ages about the topic of life balance.

One of the questions I often get (after I answer “what is it?” and “how do I find it?”) is why is this topic so huge right now? Pick up any national publication—from Fast Company to Real Simple-- and you’ll find frequent references to balance.

I believe the convergence of six factors have brought this issue to the forefront, including:

· 9/11 and other acts of terrorism—how people view life/work/family time changed forever after this tragedy

· 68% of all families are now dual-income           

· parenting our parents and the sandwich generation (caring for your parents and your kids)

· a volatile and uncertain economic and employment climate

· digital overload: we've become a 24/7 culture, it’s difficult to “unplug”

· globalization: working at “off hours” and living farther from  family support

(Read more here about my strategies/insights for enhancing life balance from the inside-out.)

I share this perspective, not to elicit stress, but to encourage you to be gentle with yourself and realize how much is going on right now for all of us--collectively and individually.

Your July Self-Care Challenge:  One of the most powerful ways to nurture yourself and help you feel more grounded is to get clear on what your self-care “non-negotiables” are.  For some, it may be in the physical realm—8 hours of sleep a night, running three times a week, only eating out once a week—and for others it may be in the emotional or spiritual area— meditation/prayer every morning, a date with your partner every two weeks, scheduled time for play this summer, journaling before you go to bed at night or a weekly painting class. This month I challenge you to pause. Notice what things consistently fuel and replenish you. And then carve out some time to share your top three self-care non-negotiables with someone close to you.Or, email us, we’d love to hear what feeds you at communities@reneetrudeau.com.

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Take good care--Renee

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