PRG for Women – Led by a Licensed Counselor

Engage in the community and tap into the power of the love that is woman. We will follow a set schedule of topics, learn from each other and pull from many different schools of thought and practice.

PRG for Moms

Would you like to explore the power of self-care and connect with other mothers in a supportive environment? This Personal Renewal Group will use the Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal to explore Motherhood & Identity, the Power of Self-Care, Creating a Support System, Managing your Energy, Releasing Perfectionism and Owning your Personal Power. The first meeting […]

Personal Renewal Group for Women

Give yourself the gift of taking time for YOU. From the comfort of your home (or office or car) participate in a women’s group. Not only will you connect, relate and learn from other women, you will connect with who you are and access your own inner wisdom. Nourish your body, mind and spirit. […]

Personal Renewal Group for Women

This Personal Renewal Group is for women to connect and support each other. It is a space to share, reflect and start focusing on creating more balance for yourself and begin your journey of self-care and self-renewal. For more information please email me on or visit my blog for more information

PRG for Moms—Led by a psychologist

Are you feeling tired and frazzled? Since you became a mom, have you forgotten what it’s like to have time for yourself? Do you miss spending quality time with other women? You’re invited to join my Personal Renewal Group for Moms, a structured life coaching program for women, which meets one night a month for […]

Personal Renewal Group for Women

Give yourself the gift of an evening a month to connect with other women and yourself. Breathwork, journaling, powerful questions, meditation, etc. will be a part of each gathering. We will be exploring topics such as: self care, managing your energy, owning your personal power, unleashing your creativity, spirituality, strategies for balance, being present and […]

PRG for Women ages 21-70 plus

PRG for women ages 21-70 plus. Group focus is on physical, emotional, spiritual, mental/intellectual renewal. Some of the subjects of conversation will support eating healthy, sleeping, exercising, journaling, importance of being in nature, book suggestions! This group will meet every other Thursday from 6-8pm beginning September 8, 2016 through January 2017.

PRG for Mothers

In-person PRG following “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal” meeting approximately the last Sunday of each month starting 1/29/17.

PRG for Moms, San Francisco Peninsula

Join us in a new Mother’s Renewal Group starting January 22, 2017, 1:00-4 pm. Carve out some time to reconnect to yourself and gain strategies while connecting with other moms in a supportive, nurturing space. For further details, contact

Women’s Self Care Personal Renewal Group Led by a Therapist

This is a self-care support group for women seeking to take better care of themselves, set healthy boundaries, feel empowered, and nurture deeper desires and needs. The group meets bi-weekly via phone. For more information visit: