Northern Virginia Life Balance and Personal Renewal Group for Women

Do you want to reconnect with who you are? Are you interested in new ideas for self-renewal and life balance? Would you like to enhance your emotional well-being and learn to be more present? You’re invited to join this Personal Renewal Group (PRG). A PRG is a structured Life Coaching program for women at all […]


This PRG is focused for the Dance Mom, led by a former studio owner/ life coach. The three dancing structures that are the foundation of the dance industry are the dancers, teachers and the dance parents. While the dancers and teachers experience the magic of movement, the dance parents tend to just get stuck with […]

PRG for Moms in the Twin Cities

Join other women and mothers on a journey towards living a more balanced, peaceful and fullfilled life. Each month we’ll explore themes to deepen our self-care routine. Based on Renee Trudeau’s award-winning book, the PRG will benefit women at all stages of life. Topics will include: • The transformative power of self-care • Strategies and […]

Personal Renewal Group for Women led by Therapist

Special Mother’s Day Retreat for Moms of Kids who have struggled with substance abuse and/or mental health challenges

A weekend of self-care, self-compassion, loving kindness, and self-love This retreat is for you if you have loved a child who has struggled with these challenges, no matter where you are on this journey, no matter where your child is now on this journey, whether your child is doing well right now, or whether your […]

PRG for Moms – Toronto

Join with other women in our neighbourhood to talk about the challenges of motherhood while exploring themes of self-care, life balance and finding yourself again! We will meet as a group one evening a month for meaningful, engaging and from-the-heart conversations. Each month we will explore one chapter of Renee’s book. The next group will […]

Personal Renewal Group for Mothers in SE Denver Metro Area

Spring: to come into existence. to propel oneself upward or forward into the air. to set free. Symphony: a balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts. Welcome to Spring Symphony. The place where women…mothers…can come to connect with others through Personal Renewal Groups (PRGs). In doing so, women can again find their center. Remember who […]

Self-Renewal Party- Northern Virginia and DC

June 24, 2-5:30pm Soulful, nourishing and restorative. Join other women and reconnect with who you are, slow down to be more present and create balance from the inside out. Take time to care for yourself and receive support for creating the life you desire – and deserve! Based on the award-winning book from Renée Trudeau, […]

PRG for Moms

Would you like to explore the power of self-care and connect with other mothers in a supportive environment? Starting on 11/9/18, this personal renewal group will delve in motherhood & identity, transformation through self-care, creating a personal support system, managing energy, reducing perfectionism and owning personal power. Each meeting will cover a chapter from The […]

Personal Renewal Group for Women

Give yourself the gift of taking time for YOU. From the comfort of your home (or office or car) participate in a women’s group. Not only will you connect, relate and learn from other women, you will connect with who you are and access your own inner wisdom. Nourish your body, mind and spirit. […]