Unleashed: A Mastermind Group for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

A new in-person guided mastermind group for entrepreneurs facilitated by Renee and based in Austin, TX.

Sept. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13, Oct. 20, Nov. 3 12:30-2:00 p.m. ~ Soma Vida, Austin, TX

“Our journey as conscious entrepreneurs is to give birth to the best that is within us and to come into the highest expression of who we are. Our calling is to cultivate an unwavering allegiance to ourselves, to serve in a way that nourishes us, to create businesses that are in alignment with our deepest desires and to be 100% true to our path. This is what UNLEASHING is all about.”

I’m holding a place for you at the table. (I stumbled across this setting while in the Dupont Forest of Western North Carolina; it was my inspiration for this new offering!)



Are you feeling called to UNLEASH your full creative power – do you feel like your time has come to stop holding back?


Are you craving authentic, meaningful, high-level connection/support with like-minded entrepreneurs in a sacred, nurturing environment?


Does the idea of high-level, affordable group coaching/mentoring from a master life/business coach appeal to you?


Have you studied with Renée in the past and are seeking an opportunity to go deeper with her in a rare, intimate environment?



Why I’m leading this group:

This past January I turned 50. Since then, I have been in deep meditation around, “What is mine to do next and how am I best meant to serve?” This fall I am being called to unleash my talents/gifts in a way that deeply support self-employed women. After a highly-successful 14-year career as a communications executive and leadership/organizational change expert, I launched my first business, Career Strategists, in 1999. For years, I had the privilege of coaching thousands of professionals and business owners in creating the lives they desire. Since then, I have grown two sister global coaching/consulting firms, written three books and created a publishing company. Today, it’s my greatest joy to share what I’ve learned over the past 17 years as a conscious entrepreneur and to hold a space for other women to shine big and bright (read Sisterhood). If this program speaks to you, I would be honored to support you on your journey. P.S. Hmmm, what else? I love cooking a big pot of butternut squash soup for my neighbors and friends just as much as I love going to India to speak at the Women in Technology Conference. I’m a very compassionate, cause-driven ENTJ, the oldest of seven children and have been actively involved in women’s and girl’s empowerment since 1988.  My son (gulp) will be starting high school in August!

Never heard of a mastermind group? Read more about why they’re so powerful. Ours will be a “guided” theme-driven mastermind.


INVESTMENT: $799; includes private coaching session with Renée. APPLY HERE. After you receive notification that you’ve been accepted and there’s room in the program, you’ll be sent a link to register.  Please don’t wait to apply– space is very limited.

SOLD OUT; email us at info@reneetrudeau.com to be added to the waiting list for possibly future groups.


You’ll learn and experience how to:

  • UNLEASH: shine bright and stop holding back so you can create more alignment, prosperity, joy and freedom
  • Pause and create regular time/space for gaining perspective & accessing the 30,000 foot view (essential for ongoing success)
  • Step more fully into your personal power, feel “enough,” honor your unique path/life stage and become 100% YOU
  • Access Renee’s favorite tried and true strategies & resources for working in flow, aligning with your ideal clients and managing your energy
  • Connect with your Wise Self (your greatest business advisor) and harness the power of your intuition
  • Befriend marketing, promote your business with authenticity and become more comfortable being visible & in the spotlight
  • Understand how to unleash your feminine power, balance yin/yang energy and harness your intuition–your best “business advisor”
  • Find your sweet spot: get clear on how much you really want to work and make while deeply honoring your (and your family’s) needs
  • Align with your life purpose and trust there is a spiritual solution to every business challenge
  • Create a more successful, sustainable life/business through tapping key self-care practices specifically for entrepreneurs
  • Tap the support/mentoring/creative genius of the 10 other brilliant women you’ll be playing with in our group!
  • Enhance self-awareness and gain greater understanding for your habitual ways of being that hold you back

This fall join me and a small, curated group of experienced, like-minded entrepreneurs as we UNLEASH and align with what is ours to do.

APPLY HERE. This group is designed for TEN self-employed women who have been in business for at least five years (some special exceptions may apply). If you have questions email to renee at reneetrudeau dot com.


Feedback on Renée’s teaching style:

“I wanted to thank you for the support you have given me over this big transition period in my life:  emerging from the fog of having and raising little children and finding myself again to figure out what I really want to do with my career. I was in a deep groove in corporate America with the culture, my colleagues, my role models/mentors, my lifestyle, etc. all reinforcing that path, so it really took a lot of deep inner work and reflection to figure out what my life wanted to look like outside of that groove. Your daily checks in, yoga nidra, books, journaling exercises, retreats, guidance and walk around Lake Austin, etc. all helped me immensely in figuring out my path and honoring it.  After a bit of a roller coaster and 18 mos., I am beside myself with how different and fulfilling my life looks now, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to shine and now –now I am in a position to pass it along to help other women shine, too!” Erin, venture capital firm founder

“Renee’s guidance and coaching had an enormous impact on my business. She has the midas touch–her ability to hold space for what was possible for us was invaluable.  She challenged me, but in nurturing way, and helped me connect with my Wise Self–my ultimate business advisor. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her support!  —Patty, global consulting organization

“Renee’s attracts the most amazing women to her circles–soulful, creative, brilliant, generous and heart-centered. Many of the women I have met through her coaching groups are now some of my closest friends.  She is a magnet for feminine power!”–Ellen, landscape designer

“If Renee offers a women’s group (rare, given her travel schedule)–grab a spot! Her wise and deep presence create an incubator and environment where incredible shifts and transformation are possible. She is masterful at group facilitation and has a way of balancing visionary strategic advice with warm, caring support. She’s played a huge role in my personal/spiritual evolution.” Rachel, parenting coach

More on what it’s like to be in Renee’s groups/retreats here.  Renee no longer offers one-one-one coaching due to her speaking schedule.

The Unleashed program includes:


Helpful class details/information:

  • All mastermind sessions are from 12:30-2:00 at Soma Vida Wellness Center & CoWorking in east Austin
  • Meeting dates (ok to miss one)–all Thursdays 12:30-2:00: Sept. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13,  Oct. 20, Nov. 3 (Nov. 17  is a back-up meeting in case Renee needs this-please reserve this date)
  • Cost: $799; includes a private coaching session with Renee and additional support via email check-ins
  • APPLY HERE. After you receive notification that you’ve been accepted and there’s room in the program, you’ll be sent a link to register.  Please don’t wait to apply; space is very limited.

For additional information or to see if space is available, email renee@reneetrudeau.com or call 512-459-6700. Space is very limited. We are unable to provide refunds for this group, but if you must cancel and give notice by Sept. 21, you can get a $600 credit towards future groups/retreats/products.


About Renée Trudeau

Renee Headshot 2014Renée Peterson Trudeau is an award-winning professional coach, speaker and author of three books on balanced living, including the internationally-acclaimed The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life. Passionate about teaching women the art and science of self-renewal, Trudeau has been creating and facilitating transformational events for women for more than 20 years. President of Career Strategists and Renee Trudeau & Associates, she is on faculty at the prestigious Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity and Esalen Institute. Trudeau’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies and national conferences to nonprofit organizations and wellness centers. A sought after life balance expert, her work has been featured in the New York Times, US News and World Report, Good Housekeeping, Spirituality & Health and more. Trudeau and her team have trained and certified hundreds of Renée Trudeau & Associates (RTA)-Certified Facilitators in more than 10 countries around the world to lead self-renewal groups for mothers based on her award-winning curriculum.  www.ReneeTrudeau.com  More on Renée here.

INVESTMENT: $799; includes private coaching session with Renee. APPLY HERE. After you receive notification that you’ve been accepted and there’s room in the program, you’ll be sent a link to register.  Please don’t wait to apply; space is very limited. 

SOLD OUT; email us at info@reneetrudeau.com to be added to the waiting list for possibly future groups.




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