Praise for Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

“Without healthy families we cannot have a healthy society, and Renée Trudeau’s wisdom and guidance are a substantive contribution to both.  Renée helps readers learn to create sustainable connection and discover the soul of their family.  Acccessible to all — I highly recommend it.”
~ Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Giving the Love That Heals

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“Renée’s book gives families the support, tools, guidance and inspiration to define ‘who they are’ and align this with ‘how they live,’ so they can experience more peace and well-being in everyday life.  Empowering and encouraging, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family will motivate you to want to create the life you desire for yourself — and for your family!”
~ Vicki Abeles, creator/director of award-winning documentary Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture

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“A life-enhancing book recommended for all families seeking to move from chaos to a more joyful, fulfilling existence.”
~ Richard Louv author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

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 “A must-read for parents, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family is THE guidebook on self-care and stress management for families.  Renée Trudueau gives us what we most need: practical strategies for managing the sometimes outrageous expectations of modern parenting.  Not only that, but Renée delivers her instructions for a more balanced life with a huge dose of inspiration and compassion.  This book is a joy to read and a delight to put into practice.”
~ Christine Carter, PhD, sociologist, author of Raising Happiness and happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center

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“A gift to families, this handbook for everyday spirituality is filled with practical, down-to-earth, and transformative wisdom.  Renée’s accessible and empowering approach provides new ways to stay connected to your true nature and help your family do the same.  A must-read for peace in the midst of chaotic family life!”
~ Amy McCready, founder of Postive Parenting Solutions and author of If I have to Tell You One More Time

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“What an inspiring balm of a book, a beckoning invitation to see your family as a sanctuary instead of an obligation or another to-do on your list.  This is the road map you crave to find the river of peace you desire — let it carry you toward true well-being.  I cannot imagine a more timely nor more desperately needed book.”
~ Jennifer Louden, author of The Women’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

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“In a world where many of us wear our stress and ambitions as badges to prove we are not wasting space, Renée Trudeau delivers permission and real inspiration to slow down, relax, and nourish ourselves, our families, and our communities.  What a timely, important, and enjoyable book.”
~ Dr. Claudia Welch, DOM, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life and Senior faculty member of the Ayurvedic Institute, Kripalu School of Ayurveda

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Nurturing the Soul of Your Family is the owner’s manual I wish I’d received as a child.  Renée skillfully and compassionately reminds readers that we each possess an innate sense of wellbeing that is always present, and that it is possible to feel safe and secure with ourselves, even when life delivers to our table the most challenging of circumstances.  She points the way, step-by-step through powerful, yet simple exercises so that we can rediscover our innate ability to trust ourselves and discover that for every life situation, we have, inbuilt, the perfect response that will enable us to make our way skillfully and harmoniously through each and every interaction we face in life.  May you feel as blessed as I do to have her book in our lives as a beautiful, timely guidebook to lead us back home to ourselves.
~ Richard Miller, PhD, clinical psychologist, author of Yoga Nidra, and founder of Integrative Restorative Institute (iRest)

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This is a beautiful and brilliant book.  Renee dives deep, under the surface, to the depths of truth and wholeness that can only be discovered through family life.  This book offers the perfect combination of practical tools and real wisdom.  It offers parents a trail map that leads straight to inner knowing, love and hope — hope that family life can be the rich intimate well of deep and true connection that it is meant to be.  I recommend this book to everyone interested in slowing down, making connection the priority and tapping into the magnificence of healthy family life.
~ Carrie Contey, PhD, parenting coach and co-founder of Slow Family Living

Praise for The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal

*Winner of a Best Books Finalist Award and Next Generation Indie Book Finalist Award*

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“I love your book!!! Loving mothers are self-loving mothers; Renée’s book informs, supports, and completely inspires this essential journey. This book is a jewel!”
~ SARK, bestselling author and artist of Glad No Matter What and Succulent Wild Woman

“Of all the books on balance, this is the very best one. Practical, clear and true, it invites you to engage deeply with your own experience. Only then can the superb guidance that Renée provides find its way out of your mind and into your life.”

— Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and Inner Peace for Busy Women

“I love your book!!! Loving mothers are self-loving mothers; Renée’s book informs, supports and completely inspires this essential journey. This book is a jewel!”
— SARK, best-selling author of Succulent Wild Woman and Make Your Creative Dreams Real

“Being a mother may be the most important job in the entire world. It is, however, a difficult job. By renewing your life, you are able to remain joyful and energized which, in turn, makes you an even more wonderful mother. I wish I could have given this book to my own mother, as well as my wife, Kris when our children were first born. It’s a wonderful guide to creating a perfectly balanced life. Highly and enthusiastically recommended to Mothers and Fathers.”
— Richard Carlson, best-selling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff

“What a glorious, loving, eloquent guide to the life-bestowing gifts of self-care. I can’t imagine a more important gift to give to a mother or anyone working with parents. This book will help women feel so much less alone and so much more capable of holding onto their souls in the midst of the relentless beauty of parenting.”
— Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book

“Energy and renewal are the greatest gifts a mom can give herself and the people she loves. That’s why I love Renée’s Guide. In our time-constrained, energy-strapped culture, Renée provides a powerful plan that is both practical and nourishing—physically, emotionally and Spiritually. I hope every mom will read and practice this uplifting Guide and reclaim the life they deserve.”
— Jon Gordon, best-selling author of Energy Addict and The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy

“Parenting grows our patience and generosity. Trudeau’s wise book reminds us that compassionate self-care is what will keep us fit to become the most excellent loving parents we can possibly be. The Guide is an important contribution to creating a more enlightened society.”
—Linda Bloom, co-author of 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: Simple Lessons to Make Love Last

“Renée Trudeau‘s Guide can literally change our world. As mothers join in small groups to support each other in personal growth, the positive and powerful ripple effects in the family will have far-reaching consequences that will cross cultural norms. What this Guide really represents is an owner’s manual for what it is to be a well-balanced human being. Buy this for your best friend, and then join her in creating your own Personal Renewal Group and watch your life flourish into what you only dreamed it could be.”
—Celeste Hamman, coach/author and past president of the Austin Chapter of the International Coaches Federation

“This book is truly an important tool for transformation—not only for moms with newborns, but for women with children of all ages. Mothers often feel lost and alone. They need help, and this important guide shows them how to ask for and receive help in a multitude of ways.”
—Susan Jeffers, PhD, author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and I’m Okay…You’re a Brat!

“Every mother needs an artery of life that pumps her self-worth outside of her spouse, children and home. Renée reminds women to keep the ‘me’ part of Mommy passionate, growing and alive.”
—Iris Krasnow, best-selling author of Surrendering to Motherhood and I Am My Mother’s Daughter

The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal is a must for all mothers and moms-to-be. The warm, inviting and entertaining style of this book makes it like a flowing conversation with a trusted and wise friend—someone you can count on to point you to your own knowing. Renée has wondrously created a roadmap for mothers to tap their innate capacity for wisdom, renewal and self-love. This state of mind is a mother’s greatest resource for her job as a parent and her source for performing that role with joy, confidence and love.”
—Frances A. Cox, LPC, president/owner, Southwest Center for Health Realization

“Becoming a parent is a wild and wondrous journey. For a woman, it’s a crazy love with an extreme learning curve that’s indescribable. One day we take a wave and it brings us to shore. We love those days. The next days we tumble madly, not knowing up from down. Doubts run amuck, and balance appears a distant memory. This bold and beautiful book will bring us home. Renée’s compassion and clarity of guidance is a gift to us all.”
—Gail Allen, internationally known parenting and leadership coach

“In our 24/7 world, all moms, whether they are home full-time with children or actively employed, need help balancing their multiple roles and responsibilities. This book is a gem—filled with inspirational wisdom and useful strategies that will help generate a greater sense of calm, control and joy in your life.”
—Nancy Collamer, founder of

The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal is a powerful and life-shifting book for every mom who continuously falls to the bottom of her ‘to-do’ list and forgets about the things that make her happy and feel her best. This practical and life-affirming resource empowers moms to reflect, renew and rejuvenate.”
—Natalie Gahrmann, MA, ACC coach and author of Succeeding as a SuperBusy Parent

“Wow, what a terrific guide for moms! Where else can we learn the stuff our mothers certainly never taught us about caring well for ourselves? Far more than fluffy ‘bubble bath’ ideas, Renée has gathered insightful wisdom into engaging, inspiring and easy-to-follow steps. These simple, powerful ideas will help you find joy, meaning and connection to your Self and others, even when you’re knee-deep in diapers!”
—Sharon Day, author/coach,

“Yes, yes, yes! This is just what I’ve been looking for! As an early parenting coach, I work primarily with women during the transition into motherhood. Renée not only understands the challenges and needs of the 21st-century mother, she offers them a guide for self-discovery and renewal. This should be required reading for all mothers, mothers-to-be and anyone working with women during this transformative time of life.”
—Carrie Contey, PhD, board member, Association of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health

“The book was written as if Renée had read my mind and decided to write a guide just for me. Finding who I am, seeking balance while juggling my many roles and identifying and staying true to my life’s priorities are all areas I have explored as I approach 40. Renée has been blessed with an uncanny ability to look inward and make sense of what mothers are feeling.”
—Annemarie Kirkpatrick, mother of five and self-employed consultant

“Renée has written the book I desperately needed when I became a mother. How I wish I had had this illuminating, encouraging and wise book to light my path in those early years. The Guide is a priceless gift for mothers everywhere. It is sure to enhance the lives of all mothers fortunate enough to read it, and therefore the lives of countless children as well.”
—Alyson Stone, PhD, licensed psychologist and president of LifeBalance Inc.

“A nice reminder that happy parents make happy children!”
—Ari Brown, MD, co-author of Baby 411 and Toddler 411

“Renée’s book is a wonderful guide for all stages of motherhood. She not only reinforces the importance of self-care, she provides the tools to help mothers renew and rejuvenate when knowing where to start the process is the hardest part! I look forward to sharing this treasure with other women in my community.”
—Meg Kanewske, prenatal/hatha yoga teacher, Yoga Yoga

“This is a fabulous guide to balanced living for mothers, or anyone for that matter. I love the month-to-month approach and the variety of ideas/exercises you offer women so they can make the themes part of their everyday life. It is great for moms to have a guide that addresses the realities and challenges associated with the wonderful journey called motherhood.”
— Karen Swenson, MD, founding partner of Women Partners in Health and fellow, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

“This book is not just for new mothers! I want to do the exercises in the book for myself, a menopausal, empty-nester, midwife! The questions and insights are valuable for any woman at any point in life—especially life junctions. As a midwife, it is easy to spend so much time on my professional demands and my clients’ needs that my own needs are often supplanted. The Guidehelps me to remember who I am and to take time for myself and that spiritual connection and community are keystones for me. This wonderful resource serves as a grounding and inspiring instruction book on life.”
—Mary Barnett, CNM, MN, RN, president, Heart of Texas Midwives

“Parenting is the most human activity. It can be joyful but also overwhelming. Renée’s insights and ideas will be a great tool for mothers navigating and experiencing the richness of this most important role.”
—Mark Levy, MD, South Austin Medical Clinic

“You wouldn’t think that a book on life balance for mothers would be a ‘page-turner’—this one is. I read it in two sittings. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. Renée has gotten to the core of what we need in our lives—as women, as mothers and as people. She reminds us how to return to that core.”
—Margaret Keys, nationally-known executive coach for Fortune 500 companies

“The Guide is an excellent self-renewal source for mothers to rediscover their own personal identity and power. It takes the concept of group interaction and sharing of thoughts, goals and feelings and creates a dynamic life plan focused on personal growth and renewal. As it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child you might say it takes a Personal Renewal Group to trigger personal and spiritual growth.”
—Jerry Hudson, MD, pediatrician and founding partner, Bee Caves Pediatrics

“I LOVED the book. The content is so rich—I really feel like a different person after reading it! It was a renewing experience. You have touched so deeply on so many areas that resonate with mothers. Thank you for deeply touching my heart.”
—Carey Youngblood, founder/president, Heartsong Music Together

“Being a mom/musician/entrepreneur requires a lot of planning and support via friends and family, the ability to say ‘no’ and taking time for self-care. The Mother’s Guide strengthens and supports these essentials for hard-working moms looking for answers, and it will give new moms a roadmap for their changing lives.”
—Sara Hickman, nationally known recording artist/creative elf

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Feedback on Renée’s teaching style:

“Of all the programs I’ve taken over the last twenty years, Renée’s spoke most deeply to my heart and helped me more with self-acceptance than any other. Profound.”  —Patty

“Renée has the amazing ability to create a nurturing, sacred space that honors and celebrates each woman.  Her work is transformative.  I now get how essential it is to take time to nurture myself. I am still using what I learned in her self-renewal course in my daily life.”  —Mary K.

“I love your interactive telecourse. I had no idea a workshop via telephone could be so powerful. I really appreciate the way you blend teaching time with group participation, solo exercises and create a space where we all feel comfortable sharing insights and ah-has. You are authentic, accessible and down-to-earth. I also like the class structure. You keep us on track and focused while offering tips and practices we can incorporate into our everyday lives. Powerful stuff—I find I listen to these classes again and again. Highly recommended!” —Joanna

“I could listen to you for hours. Your voice and teaching style is calm, reassuring, empowering and wise. I usually don’t do telecourse, but you’ve convinced me: when done right, they’re powerful and life-changing! I listen to your telecourse again and again to remind me to stay true to my vision for how I want to “be.” Thank you Renée!” —Robin

“My sister encouraged me to sign up for this telecourse—I have to say I was impressed. Renée is unique and rare in her ability to inspire while also delivering real-world actionable strategies and tools that can make a difference in your life RIGHT NOW. Her approach is balanced, accessible and down to earth.” —Ellen

“A note of deep gratitude for the wisdom, support and guidance you freely give. Just finished listening to your telecourse while enjoying a lavender bath (while the kids were sleeping). I am grateful for all the gentle reminders and encouragement.” —Carissa