Retreat Testimonials


Feedback from Renée’s retreat participants

Note: Renee leads private and public retreats around the world and is on faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Wellness,  Esalen Institute and 1440 Multiversitylearn more here.

“I loved how powerful and deep Renee is. Every part of the retreat resonated with my soul.” Karla S.

“The retreat was absolutely amazing. I got to know and experience areas of my inner self I didn’t know existed! Thank you so much for this experience.”  —Ellen Z.

“The connection and sharing with other women was incredibly valuable. The sacred, safe space created and the tools given to us to bring home made this a rich and potent experience. Thank you Renee for sharing your love and being committed to teaching self-care.” —Rachel E.

“The program struck with me as being very aligned with Kripalu’s values and messages. Renee is so powerfully professional and so forcefully human and kind. This was a life-altering experience.”  —Donna A.

“What was most valuable at this retreat? All of it! The best I’ve been to at Kripalu- and I’ve been to many, many programs. Wow!” —Beth T.

“Renee is a gifted, gentle teacher. She exudes compassion and is able to guide you deeper into a space of self-care and connection with self.”  —Mia B.

“The safe, open environment that Renee created allowed us to open our hearts and have no judgment. This blossomed into deep learning. Spectacular.” —Mary L.

 “What I loved was the way that the retreat was set up as a mix of wisdom from Renee with sharing and connecting with other women. That was powerful.”  —Lana T.

“I get SO much out of these meditative retreats. I feel like I expose not only hidden fears but take layers off of buried hopes and desires. I come out feeling enlivened and full of purpose. This weekend I am back talking about projects with my husband, that I had let get a little buried. I am seeking out partners and supporters for them. Honestly I had moments in the past weeks when NOT feeling at all was one way to get through the weeks. Now I am present and I am alive again. I can’t believe I almost missed it because I thought it was so busy. I am so grateful.” —Carolina P.

“Renee Trudeau has saved me repeatedly; her books, her tools/techniques, and dang, merely her PRESENCE has been nectar for my struggling soul.” —Elizabeth, yoga teacher and class participant

“I just want to thank you so much for this amazing weekend retreat.  Your workshops and teachings are very insightful, healing, and profound. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. This retreat was one of the best investments/things I’ve given myself; it was“divinely perfect” timing too as I navigate this transition/stage of my life. I am looking forward to more retreats with you.”  Layla M.

“I very much appreciate the tools/insights to take home and use on a daily basis to reconnect with myself! This was truly a transformative experience – I can’t imagine a more timely or powerful weekend. Thank you so much, Renee. This truly made me feel like I am not alone.”  Erin G.

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience. What a gift you have to share with the world in such an impactful way. Your retreats have the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s life which has a huge impact on everyone around them and all the individuals we encounter. A beautiful ripple effect is created…such a blessing. Thank you!!” —Andrea L.

“Thank you so much for such a nurturing, supportive and loving weekend. I admire and value so deeply that you not only set such a positive example of good self-care, you so deeply practice what you ‘preach’ and that means a lot to me. This was my fifth time to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health—and I have cherished every time I have visited. Although by far, I have received the most personal value from your self-renewal program/support.” Leslie H.

“Being able to attend Renee’s self-renewal retreat for the first time was such a gift. The retreat allowed me to slow down and reconnect with my body, soul and mind in ways that are difficult to achieve during the ordinary pace of everyday life. This time/space to reflect, built the bridge which allowed me to connect with the wisest part of myself.  Recognizing my own truth and hearing other woman speak their truth was liberating. I saw women come in on the first day looking like they had a dark cloud hanging over them and leave the retreat radiating with a beautiful, new brightness. Priceless!”Kathy S.

“During a woman’s life, she has the need to retreat, replenish, renew and re-energize. Renee created a safe and sacred space at the ‘New Way of Being’ Retreat and the weekend taught me how to better cultivate—and practice– much needed self-care. This experience allowed me to stop, listen, learn and further blossom. Thank you for all you do to support women Renee!” Carol O’Neil, Board Member, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Wellness, Lenox, MA

“Renée has the amazing ability to create a nurturing, sacred space that honors and celebrates each woman. This retreat was transformative. I now get how essential it is to take time to nurture myself. I am still using what I learned at the Self-Renewal Retreat in my daily life.”  —Mary K.

“Of all the programs I’ve taken at Kripalu over the last twenty years, this retreat spoke most deeply to my heart and helped me more with self-acceptance than any other. Profound.” Patty D.

“Renee and her team create a beautiful, sage retreat environment for women to explore their inner selves with freedom, to experience new ideas and truly embrace themselves. I highly recommend this beautiful experience to all women.” Kay H.

“Thank you so much for helping me work through this period of transition. Your positive energy and genuine caring spirit touched me deeply  and resonated throughout my being.”  Susan L.

“I had never been to a retreat and walked in having no idea what to expect. I immediately felt at ease and was more comfortable in this setting than I have ever been among people I don’t know. The pace was perfect.” Erin D.

“I love that you attract women at all life stages and ages. A truly transformational experience. Renee’s wisdom permeated the atmosphere like ringing a bell that resonated with every fiber of my body.” —Diana A.

“Thank you for your compassion and time. I struggled at first to feel that the program wasn’t indulgent. Don’t women all of the world deserve this? Why do I deserve it more than those less fortunate? I see now that by nurturing myself, I’m not taking away from anyone, but more fully becoming the person that can spread equality, compassion, and peace. Thank you.” Lenore S.

“Renee’s voice alone is overwhelmingly melodic and harmonic and it is amazing how simple phrases would resonate hours, or days later. She is inspiring and tangible.  Her content and delivery was excellent and the location and amazing group of women magnified the message.”Marie T.

“You helped me realize that I have tools and wisdom within to nourish myself and lead a more fulfilling life without changing anything on the outside.  My ordinary self is enough!” Cathy L.

“Loved this program! It was so much than I could have imagined. Loved trying new things: journaling, music, meditation, chanting and Renee’s loving presence.” Jo V.

“The retreat wasn’t too much information. The content was simple- love yourself. Renee is an excellent facilitator for women. She reminds us that all the power and the wisdom we need is already inside us. Encouraging us to slow down, listen to our inner voice, and take good care of ourselves is crucial for self-preservation. The space she creates is just what I needed.”Laura M.

“Renee is truly an inspirational speaker, teacher and woman who exudes the message that we are all powerful and truly able to shine from the inside out. Her persona and presentation are testaments to this way of being.”Dawn G.

“The retreat was beautifully orchestrated from the 1st minute to the last. Truly one of the best weekend retreats I have ever attended.”Helen A.

“The retreat was truly life-altering and one of the most profound and inspiring events of my life. Thank you eternally.”Jenna M.

“I love the concept that self-care can be a portal into spiritual awakening. I look forward to exploring this concept more at home and deepening my self-care practice. Thank you!” —Heather B.

“Renee’s retreats always help me find quiet, stillness and support me in listening to my own voice. Her warm, purposeful, compassionate energy exude self-care.” — Michelle B.

“I will definitely come again and will also invite every woman that I know to come with me. I wish every woman could have this life changing experience.” –Debbie L.

“Being present was emphasized in such an understandable way. Fantastic weekend. Thank you for my now open heart.” Liz  C.

“Thank you so much!  I deeply appreciated the opportunity to be in a supportive group that had an understanding it was ok to take care of my need to be by myself, to be quiety, to not have to be miss Congeniality!  And yet, I could be with others.”  Susan H.

“I am recommending this to all my burnt-out friends. It was so nice to ‘meet myself’ again. I have read the learned techniques in magazines, but this weekend made the difference between ‘reading the recipe’ and actually ‘tasting the dish.’” Monique A.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your work is creating a world of support, compassion and ease for so many. I’m so very excited to begin my business and facilitate Personal Renewal Groups, retreats and conversations that matter.”   Tammy K.

“From the moment I arrived and received a personal note from Renee and was warmly welcomed by her team, I felt enveloped in the community of nurturing women. I was immediately supported on a path toward healing, peace and acceptance.”Grace B.

“The retreat was much more than I thought it would be. I didn’t realize how much I needed it. The foundation was very accommodating to diverse faiths/spiritual beliefs. Thank you!” –Alberta S.

“All exercises were exceptional. This was a very well organized and professional—well worth anyone’s money, time and effort. It radically exceeded my expectations- thank you!” —Ellen Z.

“The retreat helped me clear out my mind and form answers I was looking for. It gave me inner peace and wisdom.”Irum L.

“This was amazing!  It touched my heart, calmed me down, motivated me, yet relaxed me.  I left feeling very grounded, safe, and centered.” Sandra C.

“I loved the pace and execution of the weekend.  Renee has a wonderful gentle yet potent presence and does a great job of sharing insights, reading what the group needs, and responding accordingly.  All the little extra touches were really nice – the fans, the chocolate, the aromatherapy, the intentional music, candles, flowers, Goddess cards.  Just the right amount of talking, reflecting and participating.  I would highly recommend the weekend to women of al—l ages and at any stage of life!  Thank you!”  Amy Y.

“This retreat truly was life changing for me.  I was aware of several techniques and ideas presented here, but I never found a way to utilize them in my everyday life.  Renee’s approach helped me let go and open up to my true purpose and nature.” — Raini G.

“I can’t say enough good things!  What a delightful oasis in the midst of what can seem a desert at times!” MaryAnn K.


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