Sometimes Self-Care Takes (gasp!) Discipline

I’m not sleeping well. I haven’t for the last few weeks. Yes, I’m going to bed at the same time each night, staying tech-free after 8 p.m.,  getting daily exercise, steering clear of caffeine and generally staying with my same calming before-bed routine each night, but I’m 47 and my hormone levels are changing as […]

I Choose Love

Twelve years ago, right before I got married, I vividly remember living in an apartment in central Austin with my husband-to-be and reading Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. The book’s messages changed my life. The core theme that I think about everyday is there are only ever two choices in life: love or fear. […]

Loving Kindness

Every Monday morning, I send out a quick work/life effectiveness tip to our seven-person team. Most of us work virtually and we’re spread out across three states. So, I do many things to keep us all feeling connected. These amazing women support our clients, Personal Renewal Group Facilitators, career/life balance programs and all Career Strategists […]