UNLEASHED Mastermind Workshops: Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the FAQ’s we’ve been getting about UNLEASHED: Mastermind Workshops for Enlightened Entrepreneurs:

  1. Do I need to commit to the whole year? No, these themed, bimonthly–every two months– interactive mastermind-format workshops are “drop in,” pay-as-you-go opportunities. You can come to all of them (ideal to build a strong community) or whichever ones speak to you. To be added to the mailing list to learn or future events, email jen at reneetrudeau dot com.
  2. Who will be attending the UNLEASHED events?  Soulful, creative, Austin entrepreneurs–mostly in their 40’s-70’s –who have been self-employed for 5-7 years or more (some exceptions may apply) and want to leverage the power of Sisterhood (read more). Some of the women attending will be re-engineering their businesses, some are scaling back, some are in growth mode and some are in transition and asking, “What is uniquely mine to do …next?” We’re sorry, due to the nature of these events you must be self-employed and established in your work-these are not for newbies.
  3. What will the format be?  Based on my recent UNLEASHED Mastermind small group program, the flow will be a mixture of solo time for reflection/planning, small group and partner work and large group insight sharing. We’ll also always include a wellness resource/activity to help bring you into balance at the beginning of each session and time for you to connect on a deeper level with one another. Come and be surprised-you’ll love it, I promise.
  4. Who is the Facilitator? Renee Trudeau, an internationally-recognized coach, author, speaker and community activist, teaches/speaks mostly outside of Texas but she has called Austin home since 1990. She has been coaching/supporting/mentoring women entrepreneurs for more than 20 years (read more about Renee here) and creating/facilitating transformational events for women for almost 30 years.
  5. Is this a networking event? No, this is not a networking meeting (but you will build strong ties with this incredible group of women). This workshop experience offers a totally different way of being with and connecting to other women–just come with an open mind and heart, you’ll love it!
  6. I’m self-employed, but I’m not sure I’m an entrepreneur-what exactly does that mean? The word entrepreneur originates from the French word, entreprendre, which means “to undertake.” I define entrepreneurs as women who are willing to take risks, to put themselves –and their ideas–out there, to follow their truth and to fully show up in support of their business mission or purpose.
  7. What is the cost and how do I register? The early bird rate for each interactive workshop is $99. The first event is invitation-only. Email jen@reneetrudeau.com with questions. Register here.   
  8. Can I invite friends? Yes, any Texas women are welcome to join us if they have been self-employed for at least 7 years. Please be aware we anticipate these workshops to be highly popular and to fill very quickly. Space is available on a first-come, first-served  basis as the venue is limited in capacity. We recommend you register today.
  9. Where are the meetings? At various beautiful, inspiring, mostly women-owned workshop spaces in the downtown-Austin area. Our first workshop was hosted by the beautiful 8,000 s.f. wellness co-working center Soma Vida Work/Life Balance & Wellness Center. The March 31st meeting is at the inspiring luxurious JW Marriott in downtown Austin.
  10. I’d love to host a meeting at my workplace or offer a suggestion for a space, who do I reach out to? Great! Renee at reneetrudeau dot com.

Questions? Email jen at reneetrudeau dot com or visit the Unleashed information page here.