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“Having a support system makes all the difference in how you experience the journey.” 

Fueled by Austin MS/HS mothers who believe “community is medicine,” and are passionate about wellness, WELLbeings was created in January 2016 to support parents of teens in Central Texas. WELLbeings offers free, monthly curated talks/panels with innovative thought-leaders on issues related to teen and family physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. All Austin parents with children ages 13-18 are welcome to attend.

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Last event of the 2015-2016 school year!

Thur., May 12th/6:30 p.m.~  Keeping Your Cool: Sanity Savers for Summer

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Interested in new communications strategies to help you “surf the waves” with your teen this summer? 

Would you love to tap new self-care tools to help you “find your center” and keep your cool when things heat up? 

Want to connect with other parents of teens from and find out what helps them keep their calm during the summer season?  
Wondering what other teens are doing this summer and what Austin has to offer our 13-18 year olds? 

Join our four experts/facilitators (and parents of teens) and your WELLbeings community for a “round robin” style evening packed with strategies, support and resources for navigating the summer months with your teen. Covering the four areas of self-care (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual), our facilitators will each host round tables; you’ll have the chance to connect with other parents and attend three distinct discussions with:

  • Dean Janeff, MA, LMFT-Associate, family and couples therapist will host a spiritual renewal roundtable 
  • Lizzie Martinez, MA, DHOM, homeopath and wellness practitioner will host a physical renewal roundtable 
  • Laura Shook, LMFT, work-life alignment advocate and founder of Soma Vida will host an emotional renewal roundtable 
  • Barb Steinberg, MSW, teen coach and girls empowerment expert will host a mental self-care roundtable 

Date: Thursday, May 12  6:30-8:30 p.m.

Location: The Khabele School Studio     (see map)
804 Rio Grande St. (street parking available) Note: the studio is ACROSS from the main campus; a guide will be there to direct you

Khabele studio A street view of the Khabele studio

RSVP HERE; space is very limited.

Cost: Free and open to all Austin parents of teens

Can’t make this event but want to stay connected?  Visit WELLbeings Austin—our Facebook community and join our email list here.

Previous WELLbeings Programs:

“I Heard That…Debunking College Admission Myths & Preparing for the Launch”

What if it was possible to have a stress-free college prep process for your child?

What practices can you adopt now to support a healthy transition from HS to “what’s next?”

What mindset will best support you and your teen as you make way for “the launch”?

There are scores of articles written every year about how no one is getting into college. Or that’s how it sounds. Many of those companion pieces are citing Race to Nowhere, the writings of Frank Bruni, and the toxic pressure-cooker that are Silicon Valley high schools, which all point to how colleges are to blame for putting our children through this emotional turmoil. But what if colleges aren’t at fault here? What does it look like to approach this process from a more mindful standpoint ….from the inside-out? Join us for a supportive, empowering morning as we examine some of the complex and essential questions that come up during this time. Prepare to breathe easier and look forward to–not dread–your child’s transition from high school to college.  This event is highly recommended for parents of  all 13-18 year-olds.

Date: Saturday, March 5   9:30-11:30 a.m.

Our Expert:

Jonah O'Hara parents of teens College counselor/educational consultant Jonah O’Hara has been helping students and families navigate the high school years and the college admission process since 1998.  A product of Austin Montessori schools and AISD, Jonah left Austin and spent over 15 years in the Northeast as a college admission officer and boarding school college counselor.  He was inspired to pursue this vocation after stumbling through his own college search and undergraduate years as the first in his family to graduate from college; today, he’s committed to helping students make personal and informed decisions about their own search and avoid many of the potholes Jonah experienced along the way. He lives in Austin with his wife and two sons and is on staff at the internationally-recognized St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.” www.jonahohara.com


           Teens & Technology: Exploring New Frontiers in Parenting

                                                     ~a panel and group discussion~

Join us for an illuminating evening as we explore various perspectives on one of the biggest and most important topics of our times.  Learn how  technology use affects the brain, social-emotional intelligence and well-being, the technology/addiction/dopamine dance, latest research around video games and boys, guidelines/tools for healthy tech use, setting boundaries and how to connect with your teen using technology. Expect to leave this interactive evening and panel discussion with fresh perspectives/insights and tools for thinking about this topic in new ways.

Our panelists:

Mike Brooks WELLbeings Dr. Mike Brooks is a Licensed Psychologist and the Director of the Austin Psychology & Assessment Center (ApaCenter). He has a wealth of expertise in technology and gaming addiction, positive psychology, the needs of children and teens, and effective parenting practices. He is co-writing a book on raising balanced children in a technological world with his colleague, Dr. Jon Lasser.  He and his family live in Austin. www.apacenter.com
Bernadette WELLbeings Bernadette Noll is a writer, maker, creative thinker, community collaborator and author of three books, Make Stuff Together, Slow Family Living and Look At Us Now, A Creative Family Journal, coming out in May from Perigee Publishing. Born and raised in New Jersey, she has called Austin home for the past 25 years, and lives with her four children (three are teens) Lucy, Otto, Esme and Dean. www.slowfamilyliving.com
Libba Libba Carver Skarnulis is a licensed professional counselor with a private practice in Austin, Texas.  She started Digital Down Low Consulting in 2011 with the intent to guide parents and demystify the IDK’s of social media and smart phones that savvy kids are using.  She is an advocate for kids and an empathetic listener to parents.  www.digitaldownlow.org


Panel Facilitator:

Renee Peterson Trudeau is an internationally-recognized life balance coach/speaker and president of Career Strategists. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Spirituality & Health; Renee has been creating transformational events for 25 years and is the author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life and Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life. More here.