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Renee is a masterful life balance speaker. Her skill, depth, sincerity and ability to balance left and right brain insights and inspire participants to access their own wisdom is profound. She is a rare, powerful and unique speaker. I’ve never met anyone like her and can’t recommend her highly enough!”  

~ Ellen Simeon, Conference Director for National  Associations


Renée Peterson Trudeau is an internationally-recognized coach/speaker and sought after media expert on the topics of work-life balance, self-care, stress management & resiliency and women’s empowerment.



  • Creating Resiliency: The Art & Science of Self-Renewal
  • Reflect, Reclaim, Re-Balance:  Unleash the Power of Self-Care
  • Find Your Center: 5 Steps to Help You Stress-Less
  • Cultivating Work/Life Effectiveness: A Mindfulness Approach
  • Reclaim Your Life: Strategies and Insights for Balanced Living
  • New Way of Being: The Transformative Power of Self-Care

Select clients include:

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Renee really put in the time and effort to understand our executive forum event and goal — her presentation Finding Balance in a 24/7 World to our Fortune 100 attorneys was right on the mark and was a huge hit!  Our women leaders resonated with her work-life balance tools and strategies and were excited to return home and implement these ideas right away. She designed a custom presentation that left our leaders with a renewed and healthier perspective about their lives and work. I can’t recommend Renee highly enough! 

~ Linda Chanow, Executive Director, Center for Women in Law

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Whether it’s creating powerful connections for a room of 300 or igniting transformational shifts for 2000, Renee’s authenticity, depth and passion inspire conference attendees to examine their careers, businesses and relationships from a whole new perspective. She connects deeply with her audience at our 3,000-person women’s conference and delivers just what she says she will: an unforgettable experience that stays with her audience for months—or years–to come.

~ Lisa Sullivan, VP Marketing and Director, Cox Media Group

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Superlative! Renee’s New Year, New You: 3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success presentation was wonderful and highly relevant. We received many rave reviews from our employees around the globe. Her background in organizational/adult learning and desire to make sure she met our audience’s needs really made this broadcast a success. Our employees were inspired to look at their upcoming year with a renewed vision, clarity and intention — it was perfect. I can’t recommend Renee highly enough! 

~ Kristen Snyderman, VP Human Resources, Reed Smith LLP (global law firm)

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We hired Renee to speak at our Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Texas Conference for Women and Florida Conference for Women (events that draw 8-10K women). Her delivery and approach to self-care and balanced living really resonated with attendees –her sessions were highly popular. Finding balance, both professionally and personally, is a top priority for many of our participants, and Renee’s thoughtful and compelling presentation received rave reviews.

~ Laurie Dalton White, Public Strategies and Director, National Conferences for Women

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Renee is a highly talented work-life balance speaker. We hired her for a private, elite women’s event. Her skill, depth, authenticity and ability to weave neuroscience, inspirational stories and highly accessible tools that participants can use immediately to enhance balance and resiliency was powerful and effective. She has the unique ability to connect with women at all life stages. I can’t recommend Renee highly enough!

~ Michele McCallion, Wealth Advisor/Director, Fortune 100 Company

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We hired Renee to present a one-day life balance workshop at our recent women’s retreat and it was fantastic! Renee lives what she teaches and that goes a long way in delivering an authentic presentation. We were very inspired and moved by what we learned and are eager to start focusing on self-care and making it a part of our everyday lives. I came away from my experience with Renee with energy and the necessary tools to really make some important changes in my life. I strongly recommend Renee’s work to anyone who is struggling with work-life balance issues! I look forward to our next engagement with Renee.

Coleen Regan, Professional Development Director, Young Presidents Organization

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We hired Renee to film a webinar titled, “Reclaim Your Life” as the centerpiece of our Work-Life Balance Week for our 60,000 employees scattered across the globe. She led us through an interactive session where participants were captivated and walked away with new strategies for their lives based on their own introspective work. Renee Trudeau shines; this is the best gift we could have shared with our team.

~ Tonja Eaton, Work-Life Co-Chair, Dell Computer Corporation

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Renee was amazing and did such a wonderful job speaking to our student organization about work-life balance. The audience was really engaged and shared they took a lot away from her presentation. In fact, I heard from multiple people how transformational and “life changing” the event was. It was such a gift that we were able to bring an impactful speaker to our campus.

~ Kate Bewak, Event Director, Ferris State University (Michigan)

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Renee facilitated a work-life balance workshop for our women’s leadership retreat; she understands how to connect with, motivate and inspire women in a powerful and authentic way. Her background working for Fortune 500 companies has given her direct insight into the challenges women face today, allowing her to provide powerful tools and resources to support women in enhancing work-life balance and experiencing a greater sense of well-being. Feedback was very positive–highly recommended!

~ Kathy Haymes, Director of Marketing, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP (global law firm)

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Renee speaks passionately and knowledgeably about work-life balance. Her coaching approach is inspired yet practical and both male and female audiences respond to her down-to-earth, real-life insights and strategies. Organizations are fortunate to have a national resource like Renee to draw from during a time when work-life balance is at the forefront of so many employees minds. We were thrilled she was available to speak at our diversity event. Highly recommended!

~ Tara Marshburn, Work/Life Program Director, IBM

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Loved it! Great tools to get you to really think about yourself and begin to make changes. Dynamic, inspirational work-life balance speaker. Incredibly valuable, this will REALLY help me right away — thank you!

~ “Reclaim Your Life” Work-Life Balance Workshop Participants, Women in Technology



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