Since 2000, Trudeau has presented many of the themes, exercises and strategies from The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal to audiences of both women and men who want to experience more balance and well-being in their lives. Here are essays, exercises and tips available for publication upon request. Topics include:

Trudeau Talks: Hot Topics and Issues
As a local and national expert on work/life balance, Trudeau frequently writes about and comments on issues such as creating balance from the “inside out”, enhancing emotional well-being, women entrepreneurs, navigating career and life changes and the “off-ramping” of men and women in the workplace. Please contact us for more information or to request an interview.

Hear Their Stories 
Thousands of women around the US/Canada and Europe have participated in Trudeau’sPersonal Renewal Groups (PRG) since 2003. And, more groups are forming each week.  Many women have agreed to share their stories about how they changed and improved their quality of life through the “PRG” experience. Please contact us to learn about their stories and discuss who may be a good source for your publication or program. Read a few testimonials from these women who were also featured in The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal.