Enjoy all the handouts from your retreat packet plus all the resources below. Please join me in-person for a 2023-24 retreat. Sept. 15-17 is Sing, Dance, Pray: Romancing the Beloved (Lake Logan near Canton, NC) and Oct. 13-15 is Awakening Your Wild Soul: Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat at www.Kripalu.org. Both sell out in advance and the NC retreat has just two spots left!  Every retreat I do is different.

Want to extend and enliven your retreat experience? Download an online retreat (video/audio download + singing). Women love these inexpensive mini retreats–enjoy them from your bathtub, the jogging trail or your favorite cozy nook! Download/learn more here



SCHEDULE ME TO SPEAK!  I’ve been speaking professionally for 25+ years.  I’d love to support your team, organization or company: I’m booking speaking events now through 2024.  My primary work is speaking at companies, organizations and at conferences around how to find balance/resiliency through practicing the art & science of self-care. Whether it’s a 50-minute keynote, an interactive workshop or a half or full-day custom retreat, I’d love to support your team, employees, women’s network or speak at your next regional/national conference. Recent clients include: Merrill Lynch, The Hewlett Foundation, Council on Family Violence, Bank of America, The Center for Women in Law, The National Association of OB-GYNS, hospitals, law firms, universities, nonprofit organizations and national women’s leadership forums. I’ve been speaking professionally for 30 years. Learn more here.

*SUPPORT SISTER* I encourage you over the next few days to reach out to your support sister from the retreat. You can communicate via text, phone or set up a “virtual tea” on Zoom (or meet in person if you’re able!). This can be a rich, rewarding connection. Set up a date for two weeks from now and share:

  • What I’m observing around my self-care practice post-retreat is …..
  • What I most need right now (support-wise) ….
  • Where I am on my summer self-care promise ……….

Take 5-10 minutes to share responses and just listen (no need to problem solve or coach)-it’s so powerful to just be seen/heard.

Additional retreat resources I recommended:  Poem: “The Friend” by Mark Nepo, “Summer Day” by Mary Oliver, Martha Graham’s passage and I read poems from Chelan Harkin’s “Susceptible to Light.”

  • I recommend taking a personal planning retreat every 90 days. From stillness comes discernment. 
  • Receive daily inspiration on our global Live Inside Out Facebook page or Instagram page where I share real-world ideas for slowing down and living more intentionally. You are subscribed to my weekly Live Inside Out blog that comes out Tuesdays.
  • Massage oil from Banyan Botanicals. Custom blend I made you was featuring oils from Acacia Aura (Heart Song).
  • Enneagram—a great personality typing tool. I love the book The Wisdom of the Enneagram and my friend Dr. Christine King in Asheville does Enneagram coaching to help you determine your type if you mention my name.
  • Somatic Experiencing: Patti Elledge in Asheville: www.somaticmentoring.com. My friend/colleague www.KateHannon.com also does SE/tele-health work.  Hormonal and menopause support www.thegirlfrienddoctor.com. Please tell them all I sent you.
  • Singing! Here our are songs. Lisa Littlebird www.thebirdsings.com  and www.HeatherHoustonmusic.com and www.maggiewheeler.net –all in California. Lisa and Heather offer training and group song circles online and in person-tell them we’re friends!  I trained with Lisa and am dear friends with Maggie. You can also google for a “community song circle” in your area and on Facebook.
  • Yoga Nidra that I mentioned as a tool for trauma healing and deep rest www.irest.us – with my mentor Dr. Richard Miller, founder of iRest. You can also find Yoga Nidra on the Insight Timer app.
  • DANCE! I love these sites for conscious movement/”inside out dance”  (Google/look on their sites for local classes):  5 Rhythms Dance, Quoya, www.nianow.com  www.pathofazul.com,www.drdebkern.com, www.JurianHughes.com, www.dancingyourbliss.com.

Connection, dance, singing and nature = deep reset for the nervous system! Please let your friends in the Southeast know about my Wild Souls Adventures NC-based offerings www.ReneeTrudeau.com/WildSouls. I also love to design/lead custom experiences for your girlfriends in my area or yours—especially milestone birthday events/rituals/private girlfriend retreats.

Reminder: all of the materials and exercises from the retreat are Copyrighted/Renee Trudeau & Associates; please do not copy, distribute or use any of the materials or exercises from the retreat with others unless you have secured express permission from our office at 512-459-6700Additionally, please respect your sisters privacy and do not email the group list. This is considered spam. Thank you!