Austin, TX


Tell us about yourself:

As a life and career coach I feel my purpose in life is to help others find what lights them up and brings them joy; I love being a part of the process while they discover this.  I really enjoy leading retreats and incorporating the work I do with horses when possible. I do individual and group coaching as well as retreats. I also do a lot of work with individuals and families transitioning from the military.

I live in Austin with my husband Drew and our very busy toddler son.   We are expecting a baby girl at the end of January and are looking forward to life with two children.

Why did you become a RTA-Certified Facilitator?

I was feeling somewhat lost after the transition into mommy hood and all the changes that came with it.  I became a RTA-Certified Facilitator after my mentor connected me with Renee and she shared with me what led her to this work.  I really loved the idea of going through this journey with other moms and being able to support each other in our various stages of life.

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?

The PRG program has helped remind me to give myself permission to take time for myself and not feel like I have to “get it all done.” I think with our current technology it is too easy to stay connected all of the time and miss out on the moments that are happening right now. This work has helped me slow down and enjoy the precious moments that are happening in the moment.

What are your favorite self-care activities?

Date nights with my husband are very important to me.  I also love traveling when I can and having regular nights out with my girlfriends.  Daily chats with my sister also help me decompress.  I love getting exercise and walking with my dogs or meeting friends for a walk around the lake.

How to reach you to learn more about your groups? 

Email and check out my Austin listing under “Join a Group” on  to learn about my upcoming groups. You can also visit my coaching website at


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