Salem, OR


Tell us about yourself:
I live in Salem, Oregon, but hail originally from Stillwater, Minnesota. My wonderful husband, William, is a professional photographer and our beautiful son, Liam, will turn five this summer.

I am a life coach at a university working with staff, students and faculty on crafting their best life, definining their values, gifts, strengths, interests, passions and rolling all those up into intentional living. Word of mouth spread and I began coaching by referrals, which I have done for some time now both in the areas of personal and professional development. When I realized the need was so great and the work was so rewarding, I started my company:Cherry Blossom Wellness.

After I had Liam and a major shift in career, I found myself completely confused about how I should introduce myself and heard myself say something different every time –I just wasn’t sure! I starting looking for a way to work though that and found Renee’s book, “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal,” and loved it. It brought me back to myself.

Why did you become a Personal Renewal Group (PRG)Facilitator?
I started organizing mom’s night out evenings for a few friends and some new moms who I could tell wanted—no–really needed to talk.  I listened to them struggle through issues around how impossible it was for them to make space for themselves in their own lives. They sounded so resigned that this was just what motherhood must mean. At that point, I knew that we needed much more than a mom’s night out!

I have been a personal and professional development coach for a while, but adding the PRG Facilitator credential to my coaching repertoire has brought me to my most fulfilling work yet. I love and look forward to these group meetings and the moms do, too!

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?
I find the PRG program incredibly lifegiving! I have always had a passion for mentoring and working to empower women. The PRG work has given me a wonderful outlet for my passion. Helping these extraordinary women prioritize self-care means they are rediscovering and really owning their value and power as women. It has been a really transformative experience for women in the groups as well as for myself. I find inspiration in their stories and their journeys again and again.

What are your favorite self-care activities?
I used to be so caught off guard when I would have some alone time in my own house because it almost never ever happened. Now, it is one of the times that I treasure most! At first I didn’t know what to do if it wasn’t cleaning or laundry. Now I keep a list of all the things I want to do just for me! And I make sure that those moments happen at least twice a month. I have also found my way back to meditation, journaling, gardening and exercise–all things that bring me joy.

How to contact you to sign up for a PRG?  
Visit my website at and email me at



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