Houston, TX


Tell us about yourself? 
I live in Houston, Texas with my husband and daughter. I am a Life & Wellness Coach and I coordinate women’s retreats. I have worked with The Fertile Soul coordinating over 50 retreats around the country as well as internationally and have been coaching since 2006. I am certified for Life Coaching through Circle of Life and Guiding Mindful Change. And just for the sake of trying something new, I recently produced a yoga DVD in collaboration with The Fertile Soul and JennYoga.

Why did you become a Personal Renewal Group (PRG) Facilitator?
I was first attracted to Renee’s work through reading The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal given to me by my dear friend Dr Deborah Kern, who knew I needed to read it! After the first chapter I knew I wanted more! I then attended one of Renee’s Self Renewal Retreats in 2009 and was very inspired, so I signed up for training as a PRG Facilitator! Balance has not come naturally to me. Before my daughter, I put ALL of myself into my fertility endeavors. That led me to my work with The Fertile Soul and I put ALL of myself into that work. Then my daughter came, and I put ALL of myself into her. So wanting to be the mother I had dreamed of always being left me working at it to the extinction of self. I needed to give to myself – I needed self-care – desperately. But it didn’t feel natural – it felt selfish. I love the quote in Renee’s book “Self-care is not self-indulgence – it is self-preservation.” This was my wakeup call: in order to continue giving to my work, my family, my community – I needed to give to myself first and put me at the top of that list.

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?
Reading the book was like a shot in the arm. Attending the retreat was an infusion of the knowledge and awareness that self-care was not only desired, but critical. So I started making small changes at first – waking up a little earlier for quiet time, reading for fifteen minutes when my daughter napped, stopping at a wooded trail for a mindful walk. These little shifts had such a huge impact on my sense of peace and wellness. And that awareness supported more and more conscious choices by encouraging me to ask myself ‘What do I need right now? And I listen to my answers.

What are your favorite self-care activities?
The most nurturing acts for myself include being in nature, especially walking in the woods, reading both for learning and pleasure, yoga, Nia, meditation, candles and aromatherapy, attending retreats and connecting with friends. I attend a retreat for myself at least once a year – and think all women need this for going within. Our modern day version of the ancient women’s circles that offer connection, support, resources, rest and honoring of mind, body and spirit

To reach Michelle and sign up for one of her Personal Renewal Groups in Houston, TX, email michelle@thefertilesoul.com or visit her site at www.nourishandbloom.com.



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