Pittsford, NY


Tell us about yourself:
I live in Pittsford, NY (near Rochester) with my husband of 16 years, daughter (9) and son (6). We have lived in Austin for a few years and have also lived in South Africa for 14 years. Earlier this year I left my full time job with an IT multinational and love running my own business focusing on holistic organization and well being. For me it is about every person being able to find their way to a more meaningful, balanced, whole life. This includes the PRG’s, having more time for yourself and Energy Healing (Reiki). I have been practicing Reiki, Angel Links, Chakra balancing and crystal healing for 6 years.

Why did you become a Personal Renewal Group (PRG)Facilitator?
Interestingly, my last manager knows my interest and approach to a more holistic lifestyle and she provided me with Renee’s book (she personally knows Renee). As I began reading the book, it was like a light bulb going off and I felt as if the book was talking directly to me. I knew this was exactly what I needed to be doing and focusing on.

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?
The PRG work has reawakened in me what had fallen away with our big move to Austin. It has given me the insight and strength to start focusing on me, resulting in me being a better mom, wife and person. I love the PRG work and as with my Reiki, when I know that something has impacted me so significantly, I want to offer that to others.

What are your favorite self-care activities?
My favorite self-care activity is my long walks in the morning along the canal near our home. This is me time when my family knows it’s my time. The other self-care time for me is just being still – sitting on our deck, with a chai tea and listening to some relaxing music. I love that time for me – even if it is only for an hour. I can think, journal and just be.

How to contact you to sign up for a PRG?
To find out where you can attend one of my PRG’s or to join a tele-class I can be contacted at rubiena@myduarte.us


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