Pflugerville, TX  (Austin area)


Tell us about yourself:
I have a passion for helping women and mothers enhance balance and experience a greater sense of connection to self and others. I’ve been leading Personal Renewal Groups through Family Life Balance since 2009. Originally from Utah, I graduated with degrees in Communication and Sociology. Before I had kiddos, I was a corporate training manager and facilitator at Citibank in Florida. I now live in Pflugerville, Texas with my husband and two elementary-age children. Most recently, I worked for Renee Trudeau & Associates in the Outreach Manager position for the past 3 years and assisted in coordinating RTA’s numerous self-renewal retreats for women.

Why did you become a Personal Renewal Group (PRG)Facilitator?
Several years ago a friend told me about the book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. The book really hit home and validated my feelings as a new mom and helped explain why I felt the way I did. I found out Renee was leading a retreat in the area so I immediately signed up, even though it was out of my comfort zone. There were women aged 25-65, some were moms and some were not, but every one of us struggled with this concept of self-care and didn’t feel like we were “worth it.” I was so moved by that experience that I came home and signed up to become a facilitator to help spread the self-care message. I feel like the groups are much more powerful than reading the book by yourself because you are able to come together with like-minded women and go more in depth around the themes each month with this amazing support system.

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?
Through the PRG work, I’ve learned the necessity of keeping creativity and adventure in my life. I’ve learned that happiness is an inside job and that I’m strong, wise, and I have the answers inside. I am grateful to be able to delve into the self-care themes on a monthly basis and share this journey with a close, supportive group of women each year. I’ve been able to watch us all grow a little stronger, less resentful, more confident and joyful. These groups have had a profound impact on me and I love seeing the ripple effect this creates. 

What are your favorite self-care activities?
Some of my favorite self-care activities are walking in our neighborhood park, yoga, dinner with friends, art nights and reading. We’ve created a fun space in the backyard and I love to spend time out there alone during the day relaxing or reading a book, and in the evenings with my family.

How to contact you to sign up for a PRG?  
You can email me at or visit for more information about upcoming groups (including a teleclass), connect on Facebook, and view some recent videos.



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