Minneapolis, MN


Tell us about yourself: 
I am a communications and business professional with more than fifteen years experience leading, facilitating and training groups.  I live in Minneapolis with my husband, Bruce, and two young daughters Ellie (5) and Caroline (3). I have a business and life coaching practice designed to get people talking–really, really talking.

Why did you become a Personal Renewal Group (PRG) Facilitator?
I became a PRG Facilitator because I believe this is exactly what our world needs now!  Every single mother I talk to longs for a tribe, a village, a community of other women who are championing each other to be their best.  Totally unique, PRG’s aren’t like a traditional support group or a playgroup. They’re all about helping mom move into a healthy space where she can fully engage, overcome obstacles and tap into opportunities in her life.  The process is real, progressive and powerful. Each participant can make it their own and continue to build on the connections they need.

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?
Participating in the PRG program has had a profound affect on me!  After struggling for years with my identity as a mother, a professional, a sister, daughter, friend, wife, I finally got really clear on what mattered most to me. And, I stopped worrying about other’s opinions, judgments and suggestions about who I am and who I should be.  I started believing in myself again.  And, once I moved through my own clutter, I realized that my energy drains and lack of balance came from my own choices. And, I realized that I could make new choices and begin anew.  The PRG work has allowed me to gain clarity, realign my life with my values and work from my center – my core.  And, ultimately, the PRG work has reignited the confidence I need to be a strong model for our daughters.

What are your favorite self-care activities?
Although it’s against my body clock, I try to get up early for simple, quiet time alone.  I love the stillness in our house in the early morning with my coffee in hand.  I have a favorite meditation day book  that I like to read at the start of my day that reminds me of my purpose.  Everything else that I do to nurture myself from that point on is a bonus: spontaneous play with our daughters, slow breathing, lighting candles, delicious conversations with girlfriends, running, yoga, creative cooking, sewing and dancing.

How to contact you to sign up for a PRG?  
To learn more about Tammy’s coaching or to participate in one of her PRGs visit www.theconversationsthatmatter.com, email: tammykrings@msn.com or call 612.964.7689.



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