Round Rock, TX


Tonja, can you tell us about what you do?
I own Full Circle Coaching & Consulting. As a professional life, career and business coach, I offer individual and group services, programs and workshops to enhance my clients’ lives and careers.

Why did you become a PRG Facilitator?
I wanted to share the life-changing experience I had as a PRG participant with other women so they could experience living in a more joyful, empowering way.

How has the PRG work changed or affected you?
The last few years have completely shifted the way I’ve experienced my life, as a woman and a mother. When I participated in my first PRG, I was exhausted and felt like a failure of a mother to my first child, a colicky newborn who refused to nurse and cried for hours each day.  I had prepared myself for pregnancy and labor & delivery, but nothing prepared me for the experience I had after arriving home with my little bundle.  The experience of being in a honest and supportive circle of women who were also sharing their stories was my first awakening.  No one had this motherhood gig down perfectly (a huge revelation) and that was perfectly fine.  From there, learning to overcome my perfectionist ways, being more present in my relationships with my children and my husband and rediscovering who I was as a person, beyond caregiver, was completely transformative.

I also discovered that my new self-care routine wasn’t just good for me, it was good for all of those around me.  When I started taking better care of myself, my work improved, my interactions with my kids, partner and friends blossomed.  This wasn’t selfish or self-serving, but served all those around me.  All that said, this work is an ongoing process, for me, and for the clients I coach.

I now lead several Personal Renewal Groups—a life coaching program for women at ALL life stages—and believe these groups lay amazing groundwork for a rich and fulfilling life.

What are your favorite self-care activities?
I have many, including long hot baths while reading a book, walking the nature trail behind my house, dance or yoga classes, and time with supportive girlfriends.



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