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  • Music: Friday—Opening, I played Snatam Kaur’s Ardaas Bahee, played Eckong Kar by Snatam Kaur for yin/yang integration dance.  I played Parashakti by Wah for the shaking/dancing at the very end. I love all music by and  Mandalas can be found on Amazon and here. 
  • The amazing “queen quality” essential oil blends are from my friend Kimberly at Body Mantra Blends (tell her we sent you-check out the custom blends she does; I just got one for “Embodying 50” for 2016!). I love her Divine Feminine and Womb Power blends. You can purchase Rose Essence tincture that I use daily for heart opening/to lift my mood (amazing) at (email Ellen with any questions-all her products are top notch).
  • Dance!! Check out, Quoya,  5 Rhythms Dance and Journey Dance and Let Your Yoga Dance. Google these programs in your area or go to their sites and search by city. Qi gong-check out Robert Peng and Yang Yang (national) and search for classes in your city.
  • Article/exercise on balancing yin/yang energy on my blog and  here (but much more on this in Nurturing the Soul of Your Family) –recommended resources for men around yin/yang balancing in NSOF too.
  • I recommend taking a personal planning retreat every 90 days. From stillness comes discernment. Retreats are such an incredible and wise investment.
  • Don’t forget to reach out to your support buddy around your self-care promises in the next 90 days (contact list to follow). Remember: baby steps, find your tribe and keep cultivating curiosity and self-compassion.
  • Reminder: all of the materials and exercises from the retreat are Copyrighted/Renee Trudeau & Associates; please do not copy, distribute or use any of the materials or exercises from the weekend with others unless you have secured express permission from our office at 512-459-6700.