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Tell us about yourself: 

I live in Lee, New Hampshire on a homestead with my husband Sean and our two children, Lily (7) and Jameson (4). At various times of the year we have turkeys, chickens and a large garden. I’ve had the privilege of focusing solely on our children for 7 years before deciding to balance my life with part-time work at a locally owned restaurant.

Why did you become a RTA-Certified Facilitator?

I became interested in leading Personal Renewal Groups after attending one of Renee’s retreats at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (MA). I had never heard of Renee’s work prior to attending but when I read the catalog description with tears in my eyes, I knew it was the right choice. After my retreat I was pulled to share the path to peace and self-care message with other women in my community.

How has this work changed or affected you?

My relationship to and work around self-care has been extraordinary, transformational and positively life-changing. Prior to the retreat I was drowning. I was caring for my two kids, facing my own chronic pain issues all while trying to support my husband and his intense struggles with depression and anxiety. Even when I had time to myself I was still feeling frantic. At the retreat, I found an inner stillness. It didn’t take away all the “to-dos” but allowed me to approach my life with a clarity and calm I didn’t think was possible.

What are your favorite self-care activities? 

My favorite self-care activity is waking in the morning before my children get up and starting my day intentionally by meditating. It really sets the tone for the day and sustains me when I can slowly ease into the day, breathe consciously and focus on what I’m most in need of – physical, emotional, spiritual or mental care – and making that a priority.

How can people contact you or learn about your groups/retreats?

I can be reached at jaimee.gould@gmail.com and am excited to share information about my upcoming Personal Renewal Groups and self-renewal parties.


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