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Connect with other mothers and women in your community who have been trained to facilitate Personal Renewal Groups (PRG) based on Renée Trudeau’s award-winning The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal.  Enter your information below to search for a group in your area.  If no group is found in your area, consider becoming an RTA-Certified Facilitator (learn more).  Telegroups are also available; these are PRGs that meet via phone so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Note:  Thousands of women around the world have been facilitating and participating in Personal Renewal Groups (PRGs) since 2002.  Groups meet monthly or bimonthly typically for a three or six month session, and are ongoing.  We’d love to welcome you to our global community as a PRG Facilitator or group member!

The RTA web site lists PRG Facilitators as a convenience to the Facilitators and to the women who are seeking PRGs. RTA does not endorse any of the Facilitators who are listed on the site and/or who have signed up for memberships to the RTA-Certified PRG Facilitator Program and makes no claim regarding their competence or effectiveness.