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Tell us about yourself:
I live in Cypress/Northwest Houston, Texas with my husband and our four children. I own and operate SoYoCo Wellness Services which offers services that integrate my training as a social worker (LCSW), yoga teacher (RYT-500) and life coach. I teach yoga classes and offer workshops and Personal Renewal Groups at Kahanu Yoga and Meditation Spa. My husband and our family own Whitehurst Heritage Farms, raising and selling grass fed pastured poultry and pastured organic eggs.

Why did you become a RTA-Certified Facilitator?
I have participated in a variety of women’s support groups over the years. Being surrounded by close female friends, colleagues and mentors has always been a very important part of my life. I met Renée Trudeau two years ago at a workshop and have since read both of her books and participated in a live tele-class. The exercises and support that Renee offers has been instrumental in helping me transition smoothly into a new phase of my personal and professional life.

How has the Personal Renewal Group Program changed or affected you?
Being able to meet with a group of women in a safe and supportive environment allows me to listen deeply to my intuition and develop a tangible plan to improve my life. I believe that sharing this type of experience with other women makes us all a little stronger, compassionate and connected to one another in a meaningful way.

What are your favorite self-care activities?
Attending yoga classes and having a home yoga and meditation practice have helped me to thrive in the intensity of my career as a clinical social worker and helped me transition smoothly through different phases of life. I make it a commitment to schedule quality time with my husband, our children, our extended family and close friends. We enjoy spending time in nature and taking care of the animals at our farm.

How to contact you to sign up for a Personal Renewal Group:
For more information about SoYoCo Wellness Services and Personal Renewal Groups in the Northwest Houston/Cypress/Tomball/Spring area, visit or email