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Natural Awakenings: LET YOUR SPIRIT SOAR: 5 Ways to Find Spiritual Renewal in 2015 (January 2015)

Total Mommy Fitness Magazine: Feature on Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (May 2014)

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Christian Science Monitor: The Meaningless Vacation: Forcing Ourselves to Do Nothing (May 2013)

Aspire Magazine: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family listed as one of the Top 10 Inspirational Books (May 2013)

Spirituality & Healthy Magazine: Book Review on Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (March/April 2013)

Woman’s Day: Get Rid of Guilt for Good (Fall 2011)

Working Mother Magazine: Is it Time for an Emotional Check-Up? (every month; regular contributor)

Diane Magazine: The Transformative Power of Self-Care (Spring 2011)

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Pregnancy Magazine: Beyond the Spa Day (May 2010)

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US News & World Report: Relax! Stress, if Managed, Can Be Good for You (June 2008)


Austin American-Statesman: Living in uncertain times can be a gift to yourself (February 2017)

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Austin American-Statesman: Back to School Tips for a Calm Year  (August 2014)

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Fox News: Making Time For Yourself  (May 2013)

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CBS interview with Renee on Personal Renewal Group Program (2008)


The Power of Self-Care with Kelli Kelley, founder, Hand to Hold (February 2017)

The Art of Facilitating Women’s Circles with Lisa Grace Byrne, WellGrounded Life Show (December 2016)

The Power of Self-Care for Entrepreneur Moms  with Justine Arian, founder, The Multi-Passionate Mom’s Club (November 2016)

Self-Care for Mothers  with Lisa York, founder, SuperMum—a global community (November 2016)

Less Stressful Holidays with Vicky & Jen, founders, Vicky & Jen- What Really Matters (November 2016)

Christine Carter: Relax into Your Sweet Spot (April 2015)

Vicky and Jen Radio Show interviews Renee Trudeau: Six Back-to-School Strategies

iHeartRadio/Higher Ground’s Portland Helmich interviews Renee Trudeau: Self Care Isn’t Selfish

RadioMD/Naturally Savvy interview with Renee Trudeau on Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (June 2013)

Gabrielle Bernstein’s interview with Renee Trudeau on Nurture the Soul of Your Family (April 2013)

Jennifer Louden interview with Renee Trudeau on Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (April 2013)

Armin Brott/ Mr. Dad interview with Renee Trudeau on Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (April 2013)

Lorrie Marrero/ The Clutter Diet interview with Renee Trudeau on Nurture the Soul of Your Family (March 2013)

The Motherhood “Keeping Our Kids Safe” (April 17, 2012)

The MAPP (Motherhood, Ambition, Passion and Purpose), host: Lisa Byrne/Well Grounded Life ~ The Power of Self-Care Interview with Renee Trudeau (Spring 2012)

Women’s Circle Forum with Joelle Lydon: Interview with Renee on The Transformative Power of Self-Care (April 2011)

Time for Some R&R with Rachel Wright: Renee Trudeau, Self-Care (July 2010)

Mojo Mom with Amy Tiemann (Spring 2010)

Idea Lounge with Khotan Harmon: The Power of Self-Care (February 2009)

Fresh Start with Sallie Felton: Self-Care for Women (November 2008)

Unity FM Radio Interview: Renewing and Refreshing the Mother Spirit (June 2008)

Real Girls Radio Show: The Mommy Trap: How To Stay True to You (April 2008)


Moms Rising: 5 Ways to Find Rest This Holiday Season (December 2016)

Working Mother: 5 Ways to Start Your Day and Change Your Life (December 2016)

Motherhood Later: Are You Choosing Love … or Fear? (May 2016)

Women Communicators of Austin: How to Own Your Power (September 2015)

Inspire me today: Remember Who You Are (April 2015)

Pathfinder Interview: GENAustin – Girls Empowerment Network (April 2015)

Girls on the Run: One-in-a-Million Women: Renee Trudeau (March 2015)

Moms Rising: My 4 must-ask questions for 2015 (December 2014)

Meet the Milk: Self-Care Advocate & Life-Balance Guru (May 2014)

The Globe and Mail: 10 Ways to Keep Your Cool Over the Holidays

Children & Nature Network, The New Nature Movement: Nature, The Ultimate Antidepressant (November 2013)

Thrive, The Kripalu Blog: 5 Reasons I Take Retreats (November 2013)

BlogTalkRadio, Where is my Guru – Guru Mama Series: Family Focus with Renee Trudeau & Jen Cusano (October 2013)

Thrive, The Kripalu Blog: Baby Steps to Self-Renewal (September 2013)

Thrive, The Kripalu Blog: Seven Back-to-School Strategies to Help You Stress Less and Simplify Your Life (August 2013) Excerpt from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (March 2013)

Daily OM: Excerpt from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (March 2013)

Parenting: Study: Women Stress More Than Men (March 2013)

Working Mother: Seeking a Better Balance? Dancing with the Yin & Yang (November 2012~ Renee is a monthly columnist for

Aging Care: Trusting Your Instincts: Why It’s Essential for Caregivers (October 2012)

Mamapedia: Is Facebook Changing Who You Are? (September 2012~ Renee is a regular blogger for

Good Health, Seton Healthcare Family: Creating Balance in Unbalanced Times (February 2012)

Healing Lifestyles and Spas: Nurturing Community (Fall 2010)

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness Newsletter: Eight Insights for Balanced Living (August 2010)

Moms on the Move: Eight Reasons You Should be #1 on Your To-Do List (May 2010)

AOL/MSNBC: Tips for Managing Your Career in the New Economy (2010)

Achieve Magazine: Managing Your Energy, Eliminating Time Zappers (2010)

Entrepreneur Magazine: Life Balance Strategies (2009)


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