Name:  Gail Allen, parent educator/life balance coach
Phone:  512-476-7999
Description:  Provides compassionate private sessions and school workshops that facilitate healthy parenting. Specializes in supporting family life balance. Also, assists parents in choosing the right school for their child.


Name: Kimberly Smith Cavins, OTR, CPE, EFT-Cert, Certified Parent Educator through The International Network for Children and Families
Company Name: “Parenting From the Heart”
Phone: 512-809-8818
Website and Personal Email:, and
Description: Helping people who are struggling with their kids, their partners, or their own emotions who want peace, joy, and connection.  Classes or individual/couple/family sessions in Redirecting Children’s Behavior, The Nurtured Heart Approach, The Explosive Child, Nonviolent Communication, and Emotional Freedom Techniques.


Name: Carrie Contey, PhD, Early Parenting Coach, Educator, Speaker
Phone: 512-694-7794
Description: As an early parenting coach with a PhD in prenatal and prenatal psychology, my passion is providing parents with the support, information and tools to create conscious, connected and balanced lives in all stages of early parenting from before conception through childhood. I offer classes, groups, workshop and one-on-one coaching. Please visit my web site to learn more about my offerings and services.


Name:  Tammy Cox, LMSW, Certified Parent Educator and Instructor Trainer, Family/Life Coach, International Network for Children and Families Director of Centex RCB.
Company Name:  The Redirection Connection
Phone: 512-243-8060
Website and Personal Email: and
Description: For over 20 years I have been teaching the Redirecting Children’s Behavior™ parenting course and training instructors.  I have served as consultant to families, schools, day care centers, as well as guest trainer for many organizations.   In addition to regular workshops and classes, I offer phone and in-person coaching.


Name: Katie Malinski, LCSW: child & family therapist and parenting coach
Phone: 512-940-4477
Website: and
Description: Katie Malinski, LCSW, is a licensed child & family therapist and parenting coach.  She specializes in helping parents gain understanding, effectiveness, and confidence in all areas of their parenting.  She works with kids and families to help restore balance, and loving, fun relationships.  She’s also known for workshops on communication, puberty and “Beyond Birds & Bees.”


Name:  Terri Moser, Director of Family Ministry, LMFT:  parenting coach and workshop leader for How to talk so Kids will Listen series
Phone:  512-892-2433
Website and personal email address: and
Description:  Her workshops follow the work of parent educators of Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish to make it possible to teach children how to manage their emotions and think in a world where too many choices are available.  Topics include engaging cooperation, alternatives to punishment, and encouraging autonomy. Also offers grounded, practical, insightful one-on-one coaching for families.


Name:  Bernadette Noll, writer, teacher, mother of four
Company Name:  Slow Family Living, Future Craft Collective
Phone: 512-694-7794
Website and personal email address:,, and
Description: Bernadette’s work with Slow Family Living and Future Craft Collective offers help to families seeking ways to build joy and create sustainable connection in the everyday. She offers teleclasses, eBooks, ideas and inspiration and gives talks on the subjects of Slow Family Living, Creating with Kids, Aligning School and Family Life and more. She is the co-author of the book Make Stuff Together; 24 Projects You Can Make as a Family, (April 2011, Wiley Publishing).
Name: Kirsten Nottleson, parent and childcare staff educator/ coach
Company Name: Hand in Hand Workshops
Phone: (512)441-5874
Website and Personal Email: and
Description: I am have been working and playing with children, their families, and childcare providers for over 15 years, by nurturing relationships through play, wrestling, pillow fights, emotional safety and release, laughter, and creativity. I help caregivers understand their own history and build the network they need to parent more consciously and effectively.


Name: Bethany Prescott, M.A. Parenting Coach, Workshop Trainer, School Consultant
Phone: 512-775-5160
Website and Personal Email: and
Description: Offering private sessions and classes for parents; support and training for teachers and schools. I am a trained therapist, mother of three (ages 17, 10, and 8), and was previously a Montessori toddler teacher for 8 years. I have the privilege of fusing all three of my areas of experience into a private practice in which I support parents and teachers to lovingly guide and deeply connect with the children they share their lives with.


Name: Barb Steinberg, LMSW – Teen Life Coach for Girls
Company name: Barb Steinberg Presents, LLC
Phone: 512-750-3928
Website and Personal Email: &
Description: Barb Steinberg is a teen life coach and workshop facilitator who transforms the lives of adolescent girls and the adults who care about them. She does this with insight, compassion and humor. Barb is a licensed, masters-level social worker with over 20 years of experience working with teens. Barb collaborates with schools, parent groups, nonprofits and organizations who share her passion: supporting girls as they navigate the often tricky road of adolescence.


Name: Paula Stiernberg, Ed.D., parenting coach, teacher/parent trainer
Company name: Parenting with Purpose
Phone: 512-698-5283
Website and Personal Email: and
Description:  Children and families lead busy lives that can sometimes be overwhelmingly full of activities, classes and homework.  Balance is often the missing element in many busy family lives.  Dr. Paula Stiernberg will meet with parents and/or children to address individual concerns and help set goals to achieve a more balanced family unit. Call today for more information or to make an appointment.


Name: Michael and Kristi Zumpano
Company Name:  Minds in Motion
Phone:  512-300-4696
Website and Personal Email: and
Description:  Minds in motion offers workshops, camps, and mentoring that focus on growth through experiential learning.  Their topics have included leadership, speaking up, communicating with clarity and kindness, and harnessing physical energy.  They offer programs for parents and teachers in addition to youth.




Support Organizations/Groups for Parents:


Hand to Hold (  Carefully matches seasoned parents of preemies with parents in need of support.  These peer-to-peer relationships inspire hope and offer the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience of preterm birth, live in the Neonatal ICU, a child born with special health care need, loss of pregnancy and/or infant loss.

Special Needs Neighborhood (  A website where families and caregivers of kids with special needs can communicate with one another about local resources.

For Kids’ Sake (  Helping parents and teachers replace the outdated, negative tools with positive techniques that empower children is the founders’ passion and their business.

Personal Renewal Groups for Mothers:  Highly affordable ongoing life coaching groups for mothers at all life stages focused on supporting the mother’s emotional and spiritual well-being. Based on the award-winning book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal, by Renee Trudeau. Strong emphasis on self-care and reconnecting with who you are.  An international program; Austin has many ongoing groups meeting throughout the year for mothers who are single, self-employed, have children with special needs and general groups. Start/join a group at