Tell us about yourself:

I’m a certified life coach, veteran yoga instructor, small business owner, spiritual hillbilly, Appalachian mountain mama, seeker of beauty, truth and tremendously good espresso maker. I educate and inspire people to live their very best life through the sacred practice of yoga. I’ve owned Barefoot Works for over ten years where I teach group classes, lead workshops, retreats, and direct our 200 hour yoga teacher training. These take place locally and internationally in amazing locations. Most recently I became a RTA-Certified Facilitator to support my evolving work. I am forever amazed that I get to make a living doing what I love and am passionate about. I nearly pinch myself daily! We can be found here daily reading, wreaking havoc (mostly the tiny toddler), and dancing like crazy.

Why did you become a RTA-Certified Facilitator?

My work is always a reflection of where I am currently in my life. This is very much a season of mothering, of nurturing myself and nurturing my family. I wanted the tools and resources to provide this for myself and for other women walking the same path.

How has this work changed or affected you?

This program and exploration has validated the full range of feelings I have on this path of motherhood. This work reminds me that what I feel at any given day at any given moment is completely normal (no matter how abnormal it feels in the moment). It has given me easy and accessible ways of taking care of myself. It has helped me to reconnect to a practice I love dearly, that of journaling. Perhaps most of all, it’s helping me to reach out and connect with other women walking this same path. I can certainly walk it alone (and at times that feels necessary) and yet there is something so humbling, reassuring, and deeply meaningful about sharing this walk.

What are your favorite self-care activities?

Scheduled alone time. Conscious breathing. Walk and connecting to nature. Reading. Writing. Soaking in a hot bath. Doing yoga. Sitting in meditation. Dancing. Dining alone. These are a few of my favorites.

How can people contact you or learn about your groups/retreats?

To learn more please visit and email me at



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