Dear women’s empowerment advocate:

Thank you for considering adding “RTA-Certified Facilitator” to your credentials and becoming part of this powerful, international women’s movement to help mothers reconnect with who they are and embrace self-care!

Becoming an RTA-Certified Facilitator is a small but powerful investment, and a wonderful way to help you grow your existing business.

Women in the coaching, consulting and healing arts fields–therapists, social workers, birthing professionals, women’s health specialists, parent educators, yoga teachers, HR and women’s empowerment advocates–and those who currently lead groups for women, have found that the RTA-Certified Facilitator affiliation provides them with a wonderful opportunity to enhance their existing business and:

  • generate additional monthly revenue as a PRG Facilitator (generally 8-12 women make up a group and registration fees are $240/person, depending on your background/expertise); some women lead multiple PRGs each month and many Facilitators also offer PRG retreat weekends, Days of Renewal, etc.
  • grow their client base (locally and nationally), through reaching new customers and raising their visibility in their local community; additionally, receive SEO/online marketing support through your group and business listing on
  • receive emotional/business support via Renee’s Facilitator newsletters, Facilitator Lounge resources, Facilitator Support Circle calls and gatherings, and through the Online RTA Facilitators Community
  • strengthen their credibility and branding through the RTA-Certified Facilitator designation; an official RTA-Certified Facilitator badge that can be listed on websites, LinkedIn and social media profiles
  • receive free ongoing marketing/PR support: the savvy Renee Trudeau & Associates communications team generates ongoing national media attention and marketing partnerships to promote the PRG initiative, which substantially increases the project’s visibility and drives women to to “find a group” in their area
  • create opportunities for cross-referrals and marketing partnerships with other RTA Facilitators in your community and around the world via the Online RTA Facilitators Community and Facilitator Support Calls

And, these benefits are in addition to those highlighted earlier:

  • learn group/retreat facilitation and coaching; a highly sought-after marketable skill that you can tap for the rest of your life
  • empower other women, while working on your own personal/spiritual growth
  • find your tribe: join a powerful, supportive international women’s community of PRG leaders
  • explore a new career and enhance your professional development by learning skills/tools from the coaching and women’s empowerment field
  • be affiliated with a nationally-recognized women’s program that has been featured in national media and received rave reviews from doctors, parent educators and women’s empowerment advocates
  • be a catalyst for an innovative and life-changing women’s movement to help mothers reconnect with who they are and nurture their inner lives

If you are ready to grow your business AND begin empowering women in your community, click here to learn more about how to become an RTA-Certified Facilitator and start your group this month!

Become an RTA-Certified Facilitator