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The PRG Facilitators’ Lounge was personally developed by life coach/entrepreneur/author, Renée Trudeau, based on her 20 years of experience creating transformational groups, retreats, workshops and teleclasses for thousands of women worldwide. President of Career Strategists, featured in national media and on faculty at internationally-recognized Kripalu Yoga & Wellness Center and Esalen Institute, Renee developed and led Personal Renewal Groups for mothers beginning in January 2003. Her insights, tools and coaching will save you countless hours in research, preparation, curriculum development, marketing and stress.

Are you ready to learn the art of group coaching and how to facilitate successful retreats and teleclasses?

Here are a few of the highlights you’ll find in the Personal Renewal Group Facilitators’ Lounge:


  • Welcome Video From Renée Trudeau and Support for Getting Started
  • Training Overview Video: How and Where to Begin


  • Qualities of a Strong Personal Renewal Group Facilitator
  • Before You Begin Leading Personal Renewal Groups: A Guided Journaling Exercise
  • Marketing Your Small Business From the Inside Out: An Exercise For The Self-Employed


  • Group Logistics: Where to Meet, Size of Group and When to Launch Your Group
  • Recruiting and Promoting Your Group
  • Ten Insights to Support Cultivating Sacredness, Depth and Connection in Your Group
  • PRG Meeting Preparation Checklist; PRG Introductory Meeting Outline
  • Creating a Profitable PRG Program: Tips for Prosperity
  • Strategies for Communicating with Your PRG Members
  • Strategies for Leading Retreats and Teleclasses


Stay Connected: Dialogue With Us and Each Other

Marketing Resources

  • How to List and Edit Your PRG on the RTA website
  • Self-Renewal Party Planning Packet, PRG Promotional Flyers, PRG Materials
  • Chronological Checklist for New PRG Facilitators
  • Marketing and Growing Your PRG’s and Business
  • Promotional Videos and Testimonials You Can Use

PRG Templates

  • PRG Member Guidelines and Helpful Information Handout
  • PRG Member Intake Form, Evaluation Forms, Checklists, Sample Exercises

Handouts for Your Group

  • How to Get the Most from the Guide
  • Tips on Journaling
  • Resources for Women Managing Depression

Sample Handouts for Your Retreat

  • Suggested Weekend Retreat Schedule
  • Suggested One-Day Retreat Schedule
  • Successful Retreats: Helpful Information Handout
  • Four Areas of Self-Care Handout
  • Strategies and Insights for Balanced Living Handout
  • Nine Creative Ways to Say No
  • Pearls of Wisdom: Insights from the Retreat (a template)

Articles & Books

  • Recommended Reading List from Renee
  • Tips to Help Women Increase their Energy Level
  • Strategies for Facing and Overcoming Your Fears
  • RTA Life Balance Newsletters


  • Gaining Clarity
  • What does Money Mean to You?
  • Building Your Personal Support Network
  • Suggested Yoga Postures and Stretches for PRG Meetings


  • PRG Facilitator Support Call Archives
  • Live Inside Out Teleclasses
  • New Way of Being Teleclasses

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