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“Having a support system makes all the difference in how you experience the journey.” 

Initiated by mother/author/coach Renee Trudeau and fueled by Austin Middle and High School mothers who believe “community is medicine,” WELLbeings was created in January 2016 to support parents of teens in Central Texas. WELLbeings offers free, monthly curated talks/panels with innovative thought-leaders on issues related to teen and family physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. All Austin parents with children ages 13-18 are welcome to attend.

The organization hopes to offer innovative, creative and highly relevant/timely programs during the school year. The goals of the gatherings is to support community and connection, offer engaging content and deliver a highly interactive experience based on adult learning/group coaching/human dynamics principles.

Our intention is to have parents leave the meetings feeling supported, validated, cared for, inspired, connected, more confident about the parenting journey and that “we’re all in this together.”

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WELLbeings ATX believes “Community is medicine.”

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Previous WELLbeings ATX Programs:

  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Drugs, Alcohol & Teens: A Panel Discussion
  • Book Group:  “How to Raise an Adult” facilitated by Terri Moser, LPC
  • Keeping Your Cool: Sanity Savers for Summer (round tables on summer self-care for parents) Facilitators:

Dean Janeff, MA, LMFT-Associate, family and couples therapist

Lizzie Martinez, MA, DHOM, homeopath and wellness practitioner

Laura Shook, LMFT, work-life alignment advocate and founder of Soma Vida

Barb Steinberg, MSW, teen coach and girls empowerment expert

  • I Heard That…Debunking College Admission Myths & Preparing for the Launch (workshop)

Speaker: Jonah O’Hara, college counselor/educational consultant

  • Teens & Technology: Exploring New Frontiers in Parenting (panel discussion)   Panelists:
  • Dr. Mike Brooks, psychologist/author
  • Bernadette Noll, writer, maker, creative thinker, community collaborator and author of three books, Make Stuff Together, Slow Family Living and Look At Us Now, A Creative Family Journal
  • Libba Carver Skarnulis, licensed professional counselor

WELLbeings Meeting Location:  The Headwaters School
804 Rio Grande St. (street parking available) Note: the studio is ACROSS from the main campus; a guide will be there to direct you

Khabele studio A street view of the Headwaters Studio, located across the street from the school campus.

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