9 gifts I’ve uncovered while living in the unknown

Are you moving through a career change,  health crisis or relationship challenge?  Are you in a big life transition and asking “What’s next?”  Do things seem particularly intense for you right now?  For many of us it feels as if we’re headed into a brave, new frontier without a map, and we’re being asked to […]

Navigating a career or life transition? Here’s help

In 2000 I combined my 15 years of experience and training in organizational/leadership development, communications strategy, corporate coaching and personal branding, and launched my first business—a career coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping men and women integrate who they are with what they do.  Career Strategists is still alive and well and our senior […]

3 things I remember when I’m in transition

Tran·si·tion.   tranˈziSH(ə)n,tranˈsiSH(ə)n/. noun   1. the process or a period of changing from one state of being or condition to another I reconnected with some friends over the weekend and it seems just about everyone I know is facing a big transition. My friend Rachel’s last day at the job she could no longer stomach is this […]

How well do you know yourself?

Last week I got a call from an old career coaching client. Her company had presented her with a yet-to-be flushed out dream opportunity, but she was so hyper-focused on finalizing the job description, she was missing the bigger picture: a diamond ring had just landed in her lap! After I helped her take in […]

9 ways to reclaim your power

Alicia, one of our career coaching clients, had a rough week. After she received a disconcerting email from a new business partner, it became clear they were not on the same page. Alicia paused and decided to stop the email tennis match, pick up the phone and set up a walking date with her colleague […]

Finding the answers to your biggest questions

Remember, the entrance to the sanctuary door is inside you. ~Rumi In my former life as a career strategist, I worked for years with successful men and women around career changes and aligning “who they are with what they do.” One of the things I would share at our first career coaching session is that […]

7 good reasons to ask for help

I’m preparing to launch a new nonprofit organization in Austin this week focused on supporting parents of teens; the underlying premise: community is medicine.  I have many motivations for starting this initiative, but ultimately I have experienced how life-changing it can be to have a support network when going through a challenging life stage.  But asking […]

Do you tend to over-do it or under-do it?

I’m leading a mini-career and life purpose teleclass for women right now. Many have shared they’re struggling with how to leave their current jobs to pursue what they really want to do; fears around money and finances; the sense that they’re wasting their life and are running out of time to fulfill their potential; and […]


(Photo: Each morning we wake up to my 13 year-old working on this new Phillip Glass piece; he’s playing on our family Steinway. He inspires me every day to keep looking for new ways to express my creativity. Here’s a clip.) __________________________________________________ This past Friday I attended a wonderful creative meet-up made up of poets, […]

5 ways I’d love to support you right now

Because you are alive, everything is possible. Thich Nhat Hanh My husband and I have been experiencing some communication bumps over the last week or two. We’ve been stuck in some old ways of relating and have been having a hard time seeing what’s right, what’s good and what’s possible for ourselves and each other. […]