mandala_facesRenée Trudeau & Associates (RTA), is an award-winning, internationally-renowned coaching/consulting firm employing a highly innovative, creative team of women specializing in the fields of life balance, stress management/resiliency, work-life effectiveness, career/leadership and training and development. RTA coaches and staff support clients, companies and organizations around the globe who are ready to explore new ways of being through implementing fresh and innovative life balance teachings and tools (view our overview of services). Our sister company Career Strategists, serves individuals who are in career transition.

For more than twenty years, RTA founder, visionary and creative force Renée Peterson Trudeau has mentored, coached, trained, empowered and designed transformational learning experiences for women to support them in reconnecting with who they are, owning their personal power and experiencing enhanced life balance through accessing the power of self-care. Learn more about Renee’s professional background/credentials here. 


Personal Message from Renee

I believe our innate state is balanced, harmonious and whole. But most of us—myself included— need daily guidance, inspiration and support for how to return home.

Growing up as the oldest of seven children in a chaotic, creative and unpredictable environment, I got a taste early on of what it means to experience disequilibrium on a daily basis.  I saw and felt how this constant stress impacts our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being in the short and long term. Driven and perpetually in motion, I quickly finished five internships, a double major, graduate training and catapulted head first into my chosen field in my early twenties. An overachiever, I constantly pushed myself and continually raised the bar (the moment after I got a client in National Geographic magazine, I barely paused before I was pitching their story to Smithsonian). For years, I lived with  chronic, low-grade anxiety and feelings that I was never “good enough.” By the time I hit my thirties I was exhausted and burned out and I had begun to ask some big questions.

Between 1992-2000, I lost my twenty-year-old brother to suicide and my parents died unexpectedly in their fifties. These losses had a profound effect on me and I slowly began the journey of reclaiming my life, my passions and finding my true path. Author Gregg Levoy says, “Generally, people won’t pursue their calling until the fear of doing so is finally exceeded by the pain of not doing so.” Today, I am acutely aware of how precious our time is on earth and how essential it is to be living—and creating—a life that nurtures and nourishes us both inside and out.

I’ve learned a lot and have many great teachers, but my most powerful teaching comes from my experience as a woman, a wife, a business owner, an employer and as a mother navigating the challenges of everyday life (read more about the evolution of our Personal Renewal Group program).

Understanding that your inner world—connecting with your needs and desires, embracing self-renewal, learning practices and tools to help you experience enhanced harmony on a daily basis—can have a profound impact on your outer world. It has on mine and now it’s my joy and passion to share these life balance teachings with women like you through speaking at conferences and within companies, facilitating workshops and retreats, our international Personal Renewal Group Program, offering individual coaching, and creating books and online courses. I love what I do and if I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn’t change a thing (ok, I would probably hire a personal chef).

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