January 2024 Kripalu Follow-Up/Resources


Dear Sisters ~ Greetings! (Keep this link/page—it has many recommended/curated resources) ~ I have returned to my home in the mountains and have been holding you in my heart. I hope you received the email on transitioning on Sunday and the additional video/invite for our Sunday gathering yesterday. Thanks for your authenticity, open-hearts, beautiful engagement and exquisite support of one another. We loved being with you—even if we missed our Sunday morning hugs/goodbyes. Connection = medicine. I encourage you to reach out to your pod/women you connected with; perhaps a hike/dinner date or attending a dance class together?  More below. Attached is the updated group list. Please respect everyone’s privacy and do not send any group emails; this list is only for you to connect with your pod or 1-1.

Join Val, Sara, Audri and I this Sunday evening for some closure. Come prepared to share “one pearl” from the retreat. What is one new way of being/mindset or one self-care practice from Sing, Dance Pray you plan to weave in to your daily life this year? What is staying with you from our retreat that you want to embody?

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our live close-out! Here is the link for anyone who missed it:

Passcode: 2=mCz$wg

Enjoy all the support handouts from your packet plus all the resources below. You can view all my 2024 retreats as of today; I’ll be back at the gorgeous Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (Berkshire Mountains of Western MA- stunning foliage!) April 26-28 for Awakening Your Wild Soul: Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat for more singing/dancing and sisterhood! Every retreat I do is different. For a limited time, you can also access Still, Dark & Quiet (a deep rest mini virtual retreat); download today, it includes a long Yoga Nidra session and singing; details.

Want to extend and enliven your retreat experience? Download an online retreat (video/audio download). Women love these inexpensive mini retreats—enjoy them from your bathtub, the jogging trail or your favorite cozy nook! Download/learn more here.

With joy and gratitude—Renee and the RTA Team info@reneetrudeau.com  P.S. I love to receive testimonials about your retreat experience—feel free to send any my way!  It really helps retreat “newbies” understand why they should invest in themselves!  You can read testimonials from past retreats here.


YES! I’D LOVE TO SUPPORT YOUR COMPANY, TEAM, ORGANIZATION OR WOMEN’S GROUP.  I’m booking speaking events now through 2025.  My primary work is speaking at companies, organizations and at conferences around finding balance/resiliency through practicing the art & science of self-care. Whether it’s a 50-minute keynote, an interactive workshop or a half or full-day custom retreat, I’d love to support your team, employees, women’s network or speak at your next regional/national conference. Recent clients include: Merrill Lynch, The Hewlett Foundation, Council on Family Violence, Bank of America, The Center for Women in Law, The National Association of OB-GYNS, hospitals, law firms, universities, nonprofit organizations and national women’s leadership forums. I’ve been speaking professionally for 30 years. Learn more here.

RETREATS AND SUPPORT:  I recommend taking a personal planning retreat every 90 days. From stillness comes discernment.  Much more on my blog on tips for taking retreats. Read here to learn more about the dance of the feminine/masculine (also more on this theme in my book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family). 

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Connection, dance, singing and nature = deep reset for the nervous system! Please let your friends in the Southeast know about my Wild Souls Adventures NC-based offerings www.ReneeTrudeau.com/WildSouls.  I love to design/lead custom experiences for your girlfriends in my area or yours—especially milestone birthday events/rituals/private girlfriend retreats. 

Reminder: all of the materials and exercises from the retreat are Copyrighted/Renee Trudeau & Associates; please do not copy, distribute or use any of the materials or exercises from the retreat with others unless you have secured express permission from our office at 512-459-6700.  Additionally, please respect your sisters privacy and do not email the group list. This is considered spam. Thank you!