Meditation saves me from myself

“I’m sorry. For everything. Can you forgive me?” This was the text I sent to a beloved Sunday night coming off of a two-day silent meditation retreat with Adyashanti. Meditation always brings me to new understandings. Sometimes to supreme clarity. And always to my most humble and soft places. After meditating for long stretches of […]

Don’t just do something, sit there

I feel edgy. And unsettled. And a bit anxious. Between the bomb violence in Austin last week (my hometown), the current political climate, the wonderful but emotional March for our Lives rallies on Saturday and my always-pushing-the-boundaries teen, I’m not feeling too grounded. So rather than slide into my typical MO of over-doing or trying […]

When in Doubt, Do Nothing

Our A/C went out yesterday on Mother’s Day (it was 95 degrees). This morning, in addition to dealing with a disgruntled teen and catching up at work after being out sick all last week, my husband needed me to deal with A/C repair bids and scheduling.  I looked down at my growing to-do list and […]

Do You Need to Reset?

  In the mid-seventies–as part of a radical move to simplify their lives–my parents hauled my four brothers and I from bustling San Antonio, TX to a remote area of Northern California. We lived in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains near the Donner Pass. I rode our horses Bobbie and Pattie bareback, hiked over rocks […]

Why Can’t I Sit Still?

I finished the first draft of the manuscript for my new book on Friday (more to come on this fruitful journey and the gifts that came from the last several months). In many ways, the work is just beginning, but I’m committed to stopping to smell the roses whenever I can. To celebrate and reconnect, […]