5 ways to reclaim the rest you need

A psychologist friend of mine recently shared that every time we hear our phones ding–or our neighbor’s phone vibrate–our cortisol levels rise and our heart rate increases. In the 24/7, wired world we now occupy, most of us are living in a perpetual fight or flight state (we see a triggering text and our body […]

5 ways to reclaim rest

“If we feel tired, we think something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. We are just tired. We need rest. Sometimes a lot of it, if we’ve gone for years vetoing our body’s signals.” – Dr. Claudia Welch A yoga teacher with a neurobiology background recently shared that every time we hear our phones ding–or our neighbor’s […]

Relationships Are Hard?

I was nervous about writing this post. While I’m quite forthcoming and like to “keep it real” around the challenges and ups and downs in my life, talking about my relationship with my partner is totally different terrain. My parents divorced at age 48 after having 7 kids and 26 years together. Both sets of […]