Telecourse: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live telecourse?
A live telecourse is an interactive class via telephone. Some also call these “virtual retreats,” due to Renee’s calming, body-centered teaching style.  These telecourses also include live Facebook support communities and real-time support from Renee. She usually offers one live telecourse a year.  Once you register for Renée Trudeau’s live telecourse, you will receive an email with the call-in number, helpful tips and all the relevant details including how to access a class recordings page that lists all the class recordings.

How does this differ from a self-study telecourse (also offered by Renee)?  A self-study telecourse offers the same benefits, but it is self-paced, self-directed and you an access the audio classes all at once and then listen to the sessions at your convenience. You don’t have to worry about juggling your schedule to make live classes–these are very convenient. Self-renewal when you need it.

You can view all Renee’s upcoming live and current self-study telecourses here. 

Do I have to talk or can I just listen in on the live telecourse? Participation is optional but encouraged, but yes, you can just listen in to the fours classes and enjoy the guided meditations/exercises and practices Renee will offer.

This is my first time to try a telecourse, what’s it like?
Renée is known for facilitating  award-winning teleclasses that are lively, supportive, encouraging and inspiring. There will be exercises and Q/A during the live class. You can also enjoy the recorded telecourse classes anytime from the comfort of your office, your home, the carpool line, the jogging trail, etc. You’ll receive an mp3 link that you can listen to at your convenience from anywhere in the world including a car, plane, ipod or computer.

How do I prepare for the class? It’s best to enjoy the class from a quiet space in your home or office away from distractions (especially computers and phones). Grab your journal/pen and your favorite beverage. Come with an open heart/mind and know the more authentic you are, the more you’ll get from the experience! We recommend listening to the classes at least twice to get the most from the experience.

How do I sign up?
After you register, the details and the classes will be sent to you via email (don’t see the email confirmation? Check your spam folder).

What other teleclasses are available?  All our current online classes can be viewed here.

Have questions? Email info (at) reneetrudeau (dot) com, visit or call 512-459-6700.