Maybe everything is perfect

“If you want reality to be different than what it is, you might as well try to teach a cat to bark.” Author/teacher Byron Katie We had a really bumpy holiday. There was some extended-family discord around our Christmas celebration, a series of unexpected, stressful events in December, a foregone mini-vacation due to a case […]

Who (or what) most needs your attention?

I recently had the curtain lifted around a key piece of my business. An expensive project I worked on with a business partner over a year ago wasn’t executed well and it was becoming increasingly clear it needed to be addressed. I was angry, frustrated and confused at how this had happened. Then I felt […]

Setting a summer intention (+9 ways to say no)

What is your intention for summer 2015? Do you plan to slow down and enjoy unscheduled downtime with your family? Is there a work or creative project you want to complete by early September? Do you desire to reconnect with those you love and start living more in the present? Maybe you’re exhausted and need to pull out your calendar […]

Slowing down to the speed of summer

One of my touchstones for gauging how fast–or slow–I’m living, is noticing if I have a vase of fresh herbs and flowers on my desk. When I’m living the life I desire, I create the time to meander in my garden and pick colorful and unusual flowers or plants to enjoy in my home office. […]

Do you live … intentionally?

My family is thinking of moving to a different area of Austin. This is part of a larger plan we’re piecing together around how we want to work, play, connect, foster community, generate revenue and “be” in the second half of our life. (Read more about making hard life choices from my blog last week.) […]

What Are Weekends For?

 For the last few months I’ve been working a lot (read more). Often this has involved working straight through the weekend in order to meet key deadlines related to my book launch. If you know me, you’ll vouch that this isn’t my norm. I crave and savor my weekends and don’t like giving up my […]