Are you living your life (or someone else’s)?

“It is 1976, and my dad has left his booming medical practice in San Antonio. We have abandoned our comfortable, sprawling ranch-style home on two acres and have moved into a twelve-hundred-square-foot home with a wood-burning stove on fifty acres set back on a red dirt road in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada. When I am […]

8 ways to enjoy a stress-free vacation

Recently our family was invited to visit friends for the weekend at their cabin on the river a couple hour’s  drive from our house. Two days before we were going to leave, my husband and I were frantically creating lists of all the things we needed to buy, prepare, and pack — when we suddenly […]

What does self-care mean to you?

Last week I connected with some powerful national presenters and we discussed the concept of self-care. Like many, they see self-care as something you “should do” for your physical health (exercise, eat well, get enough sleep), but that’s where it ends. They were curious when I shared that I define self-care as the art of […]

10 ways to nurture your soul (and a new video!)

Over the years, our career coaching clients have shared that one of the biggest gifts they receive from working with our team is being challenged to imagine what is possible in their lives and careers: to shed the shackles of their expectations, to dump their old, crunchy, outdated ways of being in the world, and […]

In transition? Join the crowd!

My son is starting middle school in the fall, my good friend’s youngest child leaves for college in August, my colleague’s husband just quit his job to join his wife’s firm, my 46 year-old childhood friend just learned he’s going to be a new father and my professional path (not so much what I do, […]

My Mother’s Day gift to you (and me)

For over a decade I coached thousands of men and women in career transition on how to create a strategic career plan, leverage their brilliance and come into greater alignment with their life purpose (I have since trained a wonderful team of career/life coaches to do this!). Now, I’m in the midst of a professional […]

How I learned to mother myself

There’s been a lot of belly button gazing in our house this past week. My adolescent son told me on Friday, “I’m thinking a lot about my life right now,” my introspective husband is taking a class where he’s contemplating our relationship to the cosmos and having just returned from teaching at the ethereal Esalen Institute in […]

Wanna “do it different?!” (and why we should)

I recently attended an artists’ studio tour in my hometown. Seeing these amazing avant-garde work/home/creative spaces was a powerful reminder that there is no “one way” to live or work. Drinking in this visual feast of multimedia, oil paintings, woodwork and sculpture, pottery and glassblowing brought my imagination alive and inspired me to re-visit one […]

Sometimes Self-Care Takes (gasp!) Discipline

I’m not sleeping well. I haven’t for the last few weeks. Yes, I’m going to bed at the same time each night, staying tech-free after 8 p.m.,  getting daily exercise, steering clear of caffeine and generally staying with my same calming before-bed routine each night, but I’m 47 and my hormone levels are changing as […]